1. Mave_the_MB's Avatar
    So I apparently have downloaded some sort of virus like thing that is preventing me from sending any sms messages. I used 2 different virus scanner and they both located it in the system files and could not get rid of it. A factory reset did nothing to fix the problem and I'm getting kind of tired of having to call people to respond to their text of some kind of quick question.

    I have located the "modification", as it calls itself, in the system apps files but can not get to it in order to manually delete it.

    Do I need to root the phone to access this or is there something else I can do?

    I'm basically ready to just buy a new one but I am nervous the sd card might hold something that will automatically put the virus on a new phone.

    Thanks for any solutions that you might have.

    08-12-2012 01:56 PM
  2. Robbie Doo's Avatar
    If your phone is still on stock why don't you clear your data and davlik cachs before factory restoring?
    08-15-2012 11:53 AM
  3. Zeinzu's Avatar
    Odin the stock FC09.tar.

    Sent from my AOSP Android 4.1.1 Galaxy Nexus
    08-15-2012 01:53 PM