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    I flashed the NS4G modem patch for any CM7/9/10 based rom

    NS4G modem patch for any CM7/9/10 based rom including nightlies and previews 9/12/12 - xda-developers

    onto my Epic4g, running CM7. Seemed to work great for now. Under About Phone, my baseband version is D700SPRKL2, Kernel is #3
    PRL is P:60690

    I am wondering, if I am running CM7, where do I go to update PRL, or successive NS4G modem upgrades? Or even, how do I do it? Is the PRL, baseband modem, and kernel the best suited for running CM7?

    I prefer CM7 a lot to CM9 and CM10 for reliability and battery life (most important). Running LauncherPRO on top of it. Unless someone tells otherwise or can advise on improvements, I'll stick with this setup.

    09-13-2012 08:28 PM

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