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    If you like to flash ROMs or switch phones by upgrading I would pass along a bit of experience with the use of free Apps that ask for you to donate to get rid of ads. It is perfectly legal, but I don't like it and will never again donate to a "free" app. Here's why. Google will keep track of the pay status and will never again let you donate, which is good, but...if you change ROMs or phones and reinstall the app thru a backup, the licensing is not in the app nor the data...but Google Play doesn't show that it has been "purchased" because it IS a free app. So when you install it you are back to the ad version even though you paid for it. You are now at the mercy of email to the developer to reset YOUR license at his end. This is not acceptable to me. I've had problems get responses back from these guys. I am NOT saying don't PURCHASE apps, in fact I think these "free" apps should be pay apps from the start. Maybe put out a "Trial version." Out of app billing ensures you have a stored license that all you have to do is reinstall from google play or your back up. The app developers deserve to be paid for their work, but going about getting it through "in-app donations" is a real pain in the butt. As for me, I just won't do it from now on. If you are an app developer and you would like payment, ask for donations but don't link payment of donations to a better version (i.e. ad free) of your app. Put the better version up for sale like standard.
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    10-30-2012 05:33 PM
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    If you want to help developers by all means send them money...but if you want add free apps stock-root your phone (which is the closes to stock that you can be and run add free and you will never have another add regardless.....one of the main advantages in my opinion to root the phone. There are many very reliable and ***** proof methods available that can be done by most users with very little or non experience of programming. Check XDA developers under your model
    11-21-2012 12:53 PM

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