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    I have both the epic and the evo, both are rooted and the epic is on the heroic epic rom. The epic will only show as a ad hoc connection(computer to computer) with wireless tethering. The evo will show as a wireless access point. I can't get the wifes laptop to connect with the epic (it has tons of bs on it for work). My laptop will connect with both phones but prefers the evo, when it joins the epic connection it takes forever. Is there any possible way to change the type. Yes I know how to change all the settings on the computer to allow it. Loading software on the computer is not an option since its a work computer. A tetherd connection would be fine if I didn't have to load software. I had epic experience rom installed which I think had wired tethering but the phone didn't like the rom. I have also tried every version up to the current #11, same result.
    any suggestions?

    Here is the answer
    10-15-2010 10:12 PM