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    Before I ask my question I just wanted to say that I've learned a lot from reading the threads on this website and I never thought in a million years I would know how tto root a phone. So here is my question. I rooted my phone (yay) and I know I did it right cause I have superuser and can use barnicle tethering. I don't want to stop there and I want to get into flashing roms. So what is my next step? I know I need to get recovery so I was going to. Get rom managerv and install clockworkmod and backup what I have. Now before I start flashing roms right? Also how do I se bclockwork to create a backup once I havee it installed? I am looking at it now and there are a couple options for backing up so if someone could explain how to backup incase I mess up something flashing my rom. Also how do I restore my phone from the backup I I do mess it up or brick it? Thanks for all your help guys. This stuff is fun and brings about so much more options to these phones.
    12-01-2010 12:20 PM
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    here is how to restore a bricked Epic, http://forum.androidcentral.com/epic...tml#post349054
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    12-01-2010 01:38 PM
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    OK well first, I've said it a million times,so one more time shouldn't hurt. You can't flash clockwork recovery through rom manager.
    You actually have to use adb and a computer.

    Search epic 4g one click clockwork mod installer. Find a thread you think you can follow their directions. Just look at the directions and if you think you can do it then do it.

    It's basically the same as rooting except with a different file. Download the file to the tools folder of your android sdk folder. Your sdk folder should be on your hard drive.
    Open up the one click clockwork folder. Click on the executable file, the file will end with the .exe extension. Follow the directions in the command prompt. When it says "restart adb on desktop" open up your task manager. Go into the processes section and end any adb running services, when I did it there was 2 running,you may only have one.
    Then go back to your one click folder and click on the adb file. Go back to your command prompt and follow through. You should be done after that.

    For rom manager, its really straight forward. If you look there's only one or two options for each thing your trying to do.
    To make a backup go to "back up current rom" it'll then ask if you want to rename it, I usually either leave it, or only add a couple words to the name given.
    Example: the name given will be 12-01-101210 or something like that (its just the time and date you made the backup), if I change it to make it more recognizable I'd change it to 12-01-101210.stock so I know its my stock rom before adding custom roms.
    You don't need to make a backup if you don't want to. Because its the same thing as flashing the stock rom-except you get your apps.
    I rarely make backups I have like 3 of roms I like or if it fixed the market lag like baked snack did for me.
    Also when your flashing a rom through rom manager, it'll ask if you want to a) backups current rom and b)if you want to wipe data and cache so you don't need to make a backup or wipe in clockwork.

    I wouldn't worry about bricking your phone unless your messing with things you shouldn't. I'd say it's pretty hard to Brock doing the things your asking here. Only way I'd imagine is flashing a rom some **** made to **** up peoples phones. Or if your deleting "bloatware" and delete something you need. But that can easily be fixed by restoring a working rom or a freshly downloaded rom you know works.

    To use your backup you go to manage and restore backups. Click on the backup you want to restore and your done.

    You can also restore by booting into clockwork either holding down the buttons or by clicking boot into recovery using rom manager. Then going to restore and backup, going down to restore and selecting one of your backups.

    You can save your backups onto the c,computer too if your running out of space on sd card like me.
    Plug in, find clockwork folder>backups, then move whatever backups you want to the computer - just make sure you don't rename them on computer cuz I heard they wont work if u do so.
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    12-01-2010 02:22 PM
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    thank you shaun. that explained alot. once i get clockworkmod on my phone ill be in business. my one question is if i need to flash back to stock rom i have everything on my computer ready.to open and extract odin i had to download peazip cause my computer couldnt open it. my question about that is my computer cant open the pit file and i know you dont have to open it but it willo still flash ok right? just making sure incase i hve to use it.
    12-01-2010 11:00 PM
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    it should be fine. you dont actually open the pit like you said.
    when you open up odin, on the right youll see a section that says pitt: and then you can browse your ocmputer and you choose that pit file.
    12-04-2010 07:34 PM