1. stillers21's Avatar
    Has any been able to find a source for this? Would love to get openvpn up and running on my epic
    01-06-2011 11:58 AM
  2. ragnarokx's Avatar
    I don't think so. The last time I remember hearing about that was in this thread, but nobody responded to the OP.
    01-06-2011 05:58 PM
  3. ragnarokx's Avatar
    See below:

    I found tun.ko version " mod_unload ARMv7" in this thread on XDA Developers which works for me with VPN Connections. The only problem that I'm having with it is that it isn't using the DNS server at the other end of the VPN connection, so for now I'm having to enter numeric IP addresses.
    01-28-2011 03:23 PM
  4. ke7khp's Avatar
    I searched all over the internet for a tu.ko file that is compiled for kernel and have no luck. Any help will be much appreciated!
    03-31-2012 12:19 AM