1. elbaso's Avatar
    So, I tried using the new Android Market website that was announced yesterday (at market.android.com), and my device isn't showing up in the settings tab, so i can't install anything from the market.

    I did try running the market app on my phone, as the help page suggests, and that works fine, but my device still isn't showing up on the website.

    I'm suspecting that it might have to do with having a custom ROM installed. I'm running the TrulyEpic Rebirth 1.2 ROM on my Epic 4G, and my device isn't showing up.

    Is anyone else having this experience? Are you running a custom ROM? Does reverting to stock fix this so that your device shows up in the Android Market website?

    02-03-2011 12:16 PM
  2. ragnarokx's Avatar
    Running the same ROM, my phone shows up in settings. It also lists all my apps.

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    02-03-2011 12:38 PM
  3. Paul627g's Avatar
    Same here... All my apps listed and my device under settings.
    02-03-2011 12:51 PM
  4. elbaso's Avatar
    Glad to hear it's working for you guys.
    I found the Google support posting with a bunch of other people who have the same problem. Seems to be a mix of stock and rooted phones.
    Here's the link.

    Hopefully, this will be resolved soon.
    02-03-2011 01:11 PM
  5. whippingboy's Avatar
    Yesterday I couldn't log in- but today I can- however, it only shows activity up to 1/31. Odd that my last 3 days of additions deletions are not currently reflected in MY Account results. Also, because they're doing this level of tracking- does this mean NOW when you wipe your phone your "free" market linked content will reload to the phone as well?

    Also in the keynote they mentioned "Soon in the cloud app data will also be kept" so will they soon start to backup our data linked to the apps? Or at least provide an OS phone level backup solution rather than relying on a variety of inconsistent 3rd party apps?
    02-03-2011 05:18 PM
  6. elbaso's Avatar
    An Update: I reflashed the TrulyEpic ROM, and my device is showing up fine in the Android Market page, and app installations work fine.
    02-06-2011 03:48 PM