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    Hi folks...just FYI, cheap, generic extended batteries are now available on Ebay. They're 3800mAh + extended back cover shipped from China(blah). They're generic so I wouldn't expect anything quality-wise like Seidio. Also there are Mugen and Seidio extended batteries available on there, they're just really pricey. Just look up "epic touch extended battery" on Ebay.
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    11-15-2011 07:39 AM
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    Great information! However, what may be a better deal for some, if you want to keep the slim form factor of your phone, is the Hyperion Electronics spare battery for the SGS2 Epic 4g Touch sold on Amazon.

    I purchased mine for $25 (free shipping), but you get two 1800mAh battteries, along with a wall charger which allows you to charge you phone and spare battery together.

    I like having the option to keep an extra battery in my wallet (it's fairly thin as well), to swap out during the day when the first one goes dry.

    Most people bought this phone because of its slim profile. It would really be sad to have to put that big extended battery and back cover on the phone and increase the weitght and size.

    My suggestion is not for everyone, but just offering up an option.
    11-15-2011 02:42 PM
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    I agree with you DAS that some want to keep the slimness of the phone. I'm just offering up an option as well. I myself most probably won't be purchasing the extended batter because of this reason too, and I really don't need any extra batteries currently since I keep my phone charged throughout the day. I even wish the phone was thinner though since my TPU glossy case adds a slight bit of thickness. But I take it off every now and again because I have the 100% coverage full body shield on it.

    Hyperion batteries are decent from what I hear. If anyone is interested in them, I'd bypass Amazon and go straight to Ebay since there are listings for 2 Hyperion batteries + wall charger w/free expedited shipping from a seller in Hudsonville, MI, USA. Start bid price is at $14.99 and by the way it currently looks, your bid could very well be uncontested.

    If you want to do even better than that and go generic, you can get 3 E4GT batteries + wall charger w/free shipping from China/Hong Kong for as low as $11.26 as "Buy It Now." Just some options I'm throwing out for anyone who is interested.

    Thanks for the input DAS. By the way, I like how you keep an extra battery in your wallet. haha
    11-15-2011 03:28 PM
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    Wow! $14.99 on Ebay is a great price. I should have looked there before making my purchase.

    The life of the Hyperion batteries is pretty comparable to the OEM. I often forget which battery I am using.

    Keeping the spare in my wallet comes in handy when I'm away from a charging unit for an extended period of time, like being out with the kids all on the weekend, or at a job site away from the office.

    I really like this forum, because there are so many options and great ideas expressed. People can make the decision that's best suited for their particular situation.
    11-15-2011 04:51 PM
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    I don't mind the thickness.. sometimes if im laying down and holding my phone above me the thiness makes it easier for the phone to drop on my face lol plus the thickness doesn't look bad to me at all
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    11-16-2011 06:50 PM