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    Source/Link: [ROM] EpicTouchAOSPMod-(The most AOSP experience)(10/28)
    Credit: tjohnsonjr/xda developers

    Note: Android Central or I take no claim to this, just simply passing it along for you. Feel free to openly discuss anything with this ROM here, but for direct dev support I would recommend the source/link.

    Feature List

    UPDATED 10/28
    *Added Miui Theme

    UPDATED 10/26
    *Fixed the reported force closes
    *Added Stock Samsung apps(Dialer, Email, MMS.apk, Calendar)
    *Updated to crawrj's current lockscreen mod

    UPDATE 10/24
    *Updated market to 3.2(leaked ICS version)
    *Fixed error while buying apps in the Market
    *Replaced the circle battery will the stock battery with percentage
    *Removed MediaHub
    *Added Google+, Google docs, Google Reader(its in the data/app so it can be easily removed)
    *Added Wifi tether app(its in the data/app so it can be easily removed)
    *Updated Superuser.apk
    *Added Stock Samsung Dialer as a add-on

    UPDATE 10/21
    *Added Stock battery and Ice Cream Sandwich themed dialer

    UPDATE 10/20
    *Fixed Google Talk force close
    *Added lockscreen mod(thanks to Maddoggin and crawrj
    *Updating the PRL and Profile now works
    *Updated Market(no longer force closes)

    UPDATE 10/18
    *Added AOSP Contacts.apk, Calendar, MMS, Email, Keyboard
    *Removed more Samsung components
    *Fixed Statusbar(text is easier to see now)


    *Based off Stock Deodexed ROM
    *GO Launcher
    *Stock Launcher
    *chris41g's LoStKernel stable kernel
    *Updated Market 3.2 from ICS leak(PAID APPS WORKS)
    *AOSP Calendar
    *AOSP Calculator
    *AOSP MMS.apk
    *AOSP Email app
    *AOSP Contacts.apk(from an actual AOSP ROM, ITS NOT A THEME)
    *AOSP Keyborad
    *AOSP Car Launcher
    *AOSP ringtones, sounds, notifications
    *Removed Swype
    *Removed Samsung keyboard
    *Removed Microbes and Weather live wallpapers
    *Removed Accuweather widget
    *Remove Touchwiz and TW related widgets
    *Battery Percentage
    *CRT off animation
    *Honeycomb/AOSP theme icons
    *build.prop tweaks
    *Most apks were PNG optimized and are ZipAligned at boot
    *Ad free host file included
    *AOSP News and Weather
    *Browser with custom user agent(thanks nobrakes)
    *init.d scripts
    *New Goggle Music app
    *CIQ is removed(thanks k0nane)
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    What is this? Nobody posting ROMs here for you? I will handle that! Enjoy...

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