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    Source/Link: [ROM] midNIGHT ROM v2.2 NCIQ/AIO Lock MOD/midNIGHT Theme 10/27/2011
    Credit: ptfdmedic/xda developers

    Note: Android Central or I take no claim to this, just simply passing it along for you. Feel free to openly discuss anything with this ROM here, but for direct dev support I would recommend the source/link.

    Feature List

    Change Log:
    ///Note: Items in Red are changes since v2.1\\\

    AIO Lockmod by Ported by maddoggin and CIQ removed and dethemed by Crawrj

    midNIGHT theme (See attached screenshots)
    -battery modded 1% Gingerbread battery icon
    -CRT shut off: Thanks to SA Sheady
    -Overscroll (Blue)
    -1x mod
    -Pulled icons and PNG's from my unreleased Nexus S4G ROM
    -Borrowed a couple from
    Thanks tjohnsonjr

    -Pre-Rooted: Updated SU.apk and updated SU binary. This should fix the "SU Denied Permission" bug.)

    -[Kernel] LostKernel Stock, CWM5 and Plus Tweaks (No root & No BB) Thanks chris41g

    midNIGHT ROM Extras (Installs to SD card)
    -Added Framework restore.zip (to remove the Lock mod if desired)
    -Added Sprint Bloat restore.zip
    -Swype restore

    Carried over from v2.1:
    Carrier IQ Removed HUGE thanks to k0nane
    -Removed Camera Sounds
    -Nexus Prime Boot Animation[/COLOR] Thanks mazook98
    -Updated Gmail and Maps
    -Removed Social Hub and cleaned up the system/app folder
    -Internet Lag Fix
    -Removed as much Sprint Yellow as I could. More to come later when I have time.
    -Removed TW launcher and Launcher2
    -Set default ringtone to OldPhone
    -Modded build prop (slightly)
    -Fixed MediaProvider.apk
    -Removed startup sound
    -Removed Sprint Bloatware
    -Apps installed to data: uninstallable
    -titanium backup
    -Google Voice
    -Modified version of RoadRagen's update script
    -Removed Swype and requisite lib files
    -Added Quickboot works with this ROM to get into recovery
    -Modded Camera.apk (no beep on focus) Thanks to kcbedo
    -Left My Files due to dependencies
    -HTC Sense LiveWallpaper (Pulled from the EVO 3D)
    -Added AppWidgetPicker: Thanks to Boombuler
    11-10-2011 08:23 AM