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    Source/Link : [ROM][Updated 10.28.11]viperROM v.2.2 | OC Daemon, viperContol Script, and more!
    Credit: viperboy/xda developers

    Note: Android Central or I take no claim to this, just simply passing it along for you. Feel free to openly discuss anything with this ROM here, but for direct dev support I would recommend the source/link.

    Feature List

    Update 10/28 - v.2.2 update.zip (Flash this over v.2.1 and WIPE /cache and dalvik!!)
    • Everything from v.2.1 PLUS...
    • Updated viperControl to v1.3.1
    • -- Fixed looping in OC daemon menu
    • -- Script kills virtuous_oc and restarts anytime settings change
    • -- Various code enhancements
    • Fixed freezing when holding Home and tapping Task Manager
    • Added UA settings in Browser
    • virtuous_oc set to ondemand by default
    • Ondemand governor tweaks for battery life
    • 21viperrom init.d script will tweak conservative or ondemand on boot automatically depending on what your default awake governor is set to

    Update 10/26 - v.2.1 update.zip (Flash this over v.2!)
    • Updated viperControl to v1.3
    • -- Checks for root at start of script
    • -- GPU overclock
    • -- Permissions fix on scheduler init.d file
    • Shortened proximity sensor delay to wake screen when on call
    • Added Polaris Office (if you can't find it in GO Launcher, open app drawer, Menu > Sort > Alphabetically (might already be checked) > OK)
    • New Battery calibration script - read about it HERE (thanks seo)
    • More tweaks conservative governor for battery life
    • Added Comfortaa and Roboto font (Settings > Display > Screen Display > Font)
    • Muted camera capture noise and video record noise (will remove focus sounds in v.3)

    Planned for v.3
    • Power options
    • Lockscreens
    • Kill all camera sounds
    • Update TB
    • Fulfill Google Code Issues

    Update 10/21 - v.2
    • All apps optimized with mx0 compression (more free RAM) and PNGOpt
    • Screen Off CRT animation
    • Battery percentages in 1% increments
    • Hacked Hotspot (3G only) (thanks Necrosan!)
    • Modified SystemUI.apk for 1x (thanks nivron and Orionstein)
    • ROM now puts viperROM folder in internal memory (emmc)
    • Updated vC to v1.2
    • -- Added quick option to restore all TouchWiz files
    • -- Renamed bloat option to "App Manager"
    • -- Fixed error with governor settings
    • -- Code cleanup
    • Downgraded to Market 3.1.5 to fix paid app download issue
    • Added VoiceRecorder to /sdcard/viperROM/removed_apps
    • Added VoiceSearch to /sdcard/viperROM/apps
    • No bloat left in ROM!
    • More bloat removed from this build (put in /sdcard/viperROM/removed_apps)
    • -- File Transfer Client, File Transfer Manager, File Transfer Server, Task
    • -- Manager, Social Hub, Swype, and All TouchWiz Widgets
    • Removed bootup sound

    Update 10/19 - v.1 update.zip (Flash this over v.1!)
    • Adds new viperControl v1.1 - fixes governor selection issue and removed apps restore
    • Adds Calculator and Calendar back into ROM

    Update 10/18 - v.1
    • EG30 Deodexed No-CIQ Base (thanks AbsolutZeroGI)
    • Updated kernel to LoStKernel (thanks chris41g)
    • Tweaked conservative govornor for better battery life
    • Added virtuous_oc daemon (thanks Team Unity) (starts on boot, recommended not to use SetCPU - see 2nd post!)
    • --Changed virtuous_oc files to work with E4GT
    • ----Screen Off 200/500 (conservative) | Screen On 200/1200 (conservative)
    • Added viperControl from EVO 3D
    • --Fixed OC Daemon Settings in viperControl
    • --Completely reworked viperMOD to work on the E4GT
    • build.prop tweaks
    • Faster sdcard read/write speeds
    • All included apps zipaligned
    • Zipalign all new apps on boot
    • GO Launcher as default (must have another Launcher before removing!)
    • Latest GMail ( and Market (3.2.0)
    • Apps added to /data:
    • --aLogcat, Car Home, Astro, Twitter, DSP Manager, Facebook, Google+, Google Videos,
    • --Google Voice, and Titanium Backup
    • Bloat removed: (found in /sdcard/viperROM/removed_apps)
    • --AllShare, BuddiesNow.apk, KiesAir, Launcher2.apk, Media Hub, Task Manager,
    • --TouchWiz Launcher and TouchWiz Widgets
    • Extra apps: (found in /sdcard/viperROM/apps)
    • --Terminal Emulator, Modded Rotating Netflix, and WiFi Tether
    • Added custom viperROM Boot Animation
    • Added Segoe font
    • Added white overscroll glow
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    I've been running this ROM for a bit over a week now and it's excellent if anyone was thinking about giving it a spin. It's clean, fast, and the viper control tools are great. The only downside right now is theme support has been a bit limited since viperboy hasn't included the lock mod yet. That should coming soon in v3 though.

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