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    I have transferred app data between phones and tablets using either Titanium backup or appextractor to extract it from a nandroid backup. However, this particular app, it is impossible.

    The app is Minecraft Pocket Edition. I don't play it but my 8 years old love this virtual Legoland. He spent 2 weeks building a nice castle. So I just want to transfer this data between my android device since I will be giving one away this Christmas. The Minecraft PE app data is on the 16gb touchpad. I want to transfer it to the 32gb touchpad and then transfer it to my phone. Sounds simple enough since all devices are rooted and all have CWM.

    First step was to try it with Titanium Backup. Perform app and data backup, moved data in the Titanium Backup folder to the other tablet, restore app and data and did not find his castle on the new tablet. OK, so I deleted the app, reinstall from market, and this time use Titanium to just backup the data. Titanium proceeded fine. I rebooted the tablet and restart the game, no dice, still have old data.

    Next step was using appextractor. I did a nandroid backup of the 16gb touchpad, moved it over to the 32 gb touchpad, and tell appextractor to extract the app and data from it. EPIC FAIL! It couldn't find the app or data. I manually search for com.majong.minecraftpe and found out that it is neither in system/app or data/app. It was installed to the .android_secure folder like some of the amazon app.

    OK, let's try restoring the 32gb touchpad with the nandroid of the 16gb touchpad. Surely it is an image of the 16gb Android install so it should work. I even wiped did a factory reset wipe data on the 32gb just to be sure. I rebooted just to make sure, and then did a restore using the image from the 16gb. Sure enough, it looks like a clone of the 16gb.

    I started minecraftpe and guess what. Not only was the data from the 16gb not there, the old data from the 32gb PRIOR to the data wipe is still there! Apparently it survived so it must be kept somewhere else. I browse to data/data and found the com.mojang.minecraftpe. I DELETED it just to test it. It has no effect on the data! So that wasn't where the data is stored.

    At this point, the only logical conclusion I can come up with is that the data from the game must be stored in the cloud. Wrong again! Turn off the wifi on the 16gb touchpad and data is still there.

    Any idea at this point where he could possibly stored the data for the game and manage to fool two backup apps, appextractor, and a nandroid backup restore?

    I hate to tell my son he has to rebuilt his castle again since daddy is stumped.

    BTW, copying world in the multiplayer over wifi doesn't work correctly. 80% of his castle is broken.
    12-16-2011 04:50 PM
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    OK solved it.

    The world he built was saved to sdcard/games/com.mojang

    A simple search of of the sdcard directory for com.mojang led me to it and seeing his world there was the clincher. I can't believe I wasted a whole day because I put so much faith in Ti, appextractor, my backup pro, nandroid restore.

    At least I know it's limitation. In hindsight, I must applaud minecraft for making it easier to transfer world between devices. I just over estimated the problem. Remind me of a commercial where the cat was stuck in the tree and the ladder was overlooked in favor of other high tech solutions.
    12-16-2011 05:02 PM