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    I am new to flashing and installing custom kernels. I have been reading great things about the Unnamed ROm but it seems everything I reference directs me to the ROM which seems to be for AT&T only...???

    Is this ROM out and/or working for Epic 4G Touch for Sprint?

    Any references would be great help...

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: I found what I was looking for thanks to the viewers for motivating my lazy a$$
    12-29-2011 08:06 PM
  2. jonthezombie's Avatar
    How about you post the answer to your question so when people like me get on here we get an answer other than "Thanks figured it out"....

    :: eyes of disapproval::
    01-02-2012 03:55 AM
  3. dtm_stretch's Avatar
    He was just looking for this rom: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1386280

    [ROM][EL13 2.3.6] UnNamed v2.0.1 - (12/15/2011)

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    01-02-2012 08:45 AM
  4. srkmagnus's Avatar
    You'll find more ROMs over on XDA. See the link to the ROM posted by dtm_stretch and navigate to the Development forum for the E4GT on XDA. I'm currently using Calkulin's 2.7 ROM with Desperado Kernal. The combination is great and everything so far is running very smooth.
    01-03-2012 10:14 AM