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    Okay I did a nandroid b/u w/ CWM, latest version CWM Touch for the Epic Touch, I installed new Calkulin Rom. Read post instructions even watched QbKing video, did b/u ran format all zip before Rom , all went wellless than ten minutes later phone was up and running very smoothly and all is well. All I want to do is reload my apps back into my app drawer. Not restore my phone back to the way it was before the new Rom, all i want is my APP's back, not my previous rom. No i did not use Titanium Backup, i always hear "do a nandroid B/U before you flash" OK I did.... I want my APPS back !!!!! Somebody has to have a solution to my issue, I'm still a noob here, Will be greatly appreciated..... Oh yeah I got my SCROLLABLE WALLPAPER BACK, thanks again to Calkulin... Big props in my book for Calk.

    PS.... This Calkulin Rom came with ES File Explorer, maybe theres a procedure with this file explorer.?

    Thank ahead of time...TAOT.

    02-15-2012 04:55 PM
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    Generally speaking, Nandroid should be used to create a full system image of your existing setup. This backup includes /system /data /boot your caches and everything else. Doing a full restore of a Nandroid backup is like taking a time machine back to a previous snapshot in time. So this is very useful for going back to a previous point if something goes wrong with a new ROM. Titanium Backup should be used to backup all of your apps and data, which you can later restore to a new ROM in one big batch. TB has other functions, but this is the big one.

    So to summarize, Nandoid for a full system image to restore for those "oh no" moments, and TB to restore your user apps and data.

    Note on TB: It's rarely a good idea (if ever) to use TB to backup and/or restore SYSTEM APP data from a previous ROM. User apps you downloaded from the market are fine, but restoring system data is asking for trouble.

    However, sometimes restoring ALL App data in TB can cause problems in a new ROM as well, for a variety of reasons. Not always, but issues can come up. So when I flash a new ROM, I usually only restore Apps that I absolutely need to keep the data for. For the rest, I use an application called Appbak. Appbak creates a text file out of all of your existing Applications and stores it on your sdcard. When you wipe your phone and flash a new ROM, you re-install Appbak from the market, run the restore function and select your text file. Then you can click through each App on the list and it will take you to that App on the market so you can download and install it.

    You can also navigate to the Android Market on a computer, log in and click "My Library", and will list all apps you've purchased and many that were free that you simply downloaded. From there, you can push Apps to your phone.

    SO ...

    to answer your question. You basically have two options at this point to get all of your App data into your new ROM. Try this first ...

    Boot into CWM, choose Backup and Restore > Advanced Restore > choose your backup file > then choose Restore Data. This MAY work for you, but it may cause problems as well, so ...

    If the above doesn't work or causes problems, I would recommend you do a full restore of your previous Nandroid backup, backup all of your Apps with TB, then re-flash the ROM again. Then reinstall TB from the market and restore User Apps + Data.
    Good luck!
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    02-15-2012 05:51 PM
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    Do the advance restore, I do it all the time. If it causes you issues just do a full restore and reflash. The only time you will have issues is switching between aosp roms and touchwiz. Also if it is just one app giving you issues just wipe the data of the app or uninstall and then reinstall if you don't want to do the full restore. Most importantly backup often with both nandroid and an app backup program, this may save you.

    *edit: listen to jaywill about system apps, they usually depend on the framework-res.apk. Framework is almost always different between roms and firmware editions.

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    02-15-2012 06:23 PM
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    Thanks Jay for your timely input, dtm_strech also makes a lot of sence about reloading a bunch of apps that ran in a diff. rom, kernel and system, its like when people show up for work ona monday morn. and they find out that there under "new management" some will go with the flow and some willget there panty's all bunched up ia ball and start trouble, well I dont need that, this rom is working flawlesly since minute one of it being installed.My touch never loked or ran this good since day one. Big props to Calkulin for his work.I'll just redownload apps and resupport Devs.
    Next time TB and Nandroid B/U's, you live and you learn. I was justb looking for a short cut.
    Thanks again Guy's.

    PS. Heard that MY BackUP in the AM is also a good app to use. For the noobs like me.
    02-15-2012 07:13 PM
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    ****** UPDATE *****

    Logged into android market and was able to download all my apps paid/free again, even downloaded paid apps to wife's phone paid/free. So don't panic about your apps after new rom install, don't risk a conflict with apps that ran on your previous rom and then installing them again from a B/U onto your new rom. IT WAS QUITE SIMPLE!!!

    Thanks again to those who responded to my thread..

    02-20-2012 02:26 AM
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    Just do a backup of user apps with titanium, it's your best option. I used titanium on my Droid incredible restored my apps on the thunderbolt when I got it then restored it again on my epic.

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    02-20-2012 05:40 AM