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    Hi all,

    I just installed (side loaded) Google's soon to be released version 3.5.15 of Play (Market).

    I think there was an announcement on Android Central's news pages.

    I'm making this post, because it looks like it finally addresses the missing apps issue.

    For me, on a daily basis, I would go into the Market app (now called Play) and ALL my apps would be missing.

    I had searched for days for a solution, but Google (even though they were aware of the issue) could not provide me with a fix or workaround.

    I finally found a workaround on XDA's website or maybe another site.

    Which involved some lengthy steps only to have them go missing the next day.

    It had to do with what is probably the cause of having more than 99 apps.

    Anyway, this new version which now has a Tab structure seems so far to have finally deal with the issue to a hopefully happy conclusion.

    For those of you interested please install it ahead of schedule if you too are having the missing apps issue in the Play app.

    Hopefully, the link below will allow you to download it.


    Thank you Google, finally!


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    03-16-2012 10:35 PM
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    Good to see you got it fixed. 100+ apps? Do you use them all? I usually have around 30.

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    03-17-2012 09:32 PM
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    215 apps here, use everyone and soon to add more
    03-17-2012 10:33 PM
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    heheeheeee... no I don't use them all. The biggest category is System Utilities.

    I have apps that I don't use all the time, but just want them on the phone if I do ever need them.

    My smallest category is Games.

    My biggest and most used is Entertainment.

    Here a my favorite Entertainment apps that I use daily:

    Hulu Plus (side loaded)
    HBO GO
    Stream (I use this to get Justin.tv stuff, tons of movies and old TV shows)
    Audible (I listen to a lot of audio books)
    Overdrive Media (I listen to a lot of audio book and this is used for books from the library)
    BeyondPod (I listen daily to my favorite tech podcasts)
    Newsroom (I read daily the latest RSS feeds)

    Those are what I use the most.
    03-18-2012 03:48 PM