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    FD26 is up! Go get it!! this rom is great!

    XDA link
    04-29-2012 10:14 PM
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    how's it compare to FD24? still buggy, or somewhat better?

    Nevermind, just flashed it. Still the fast scrolling issue. Otherwise, so far, so good.
    04-30-2012 04:43 PM
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    Ok, I just got done flashing FD26... I had to, just curiosity; you know how it killed the cat! Anyways; I have had problems getting decent data coverage in my house... I'm between five towers and seems like they fight over me a lot where I live. Two blocks in any direction; I'm rollin` heavy on the reception and no data issues. Yeah; I know sprints data speeds aren't the best. But I'm not complaining as it does what I need.

    Now, my back yard was made for drinking bee... coca~cola. Fire pit is a bonus; but what fun is it if I can't even load a few FML's or some funny pictures? Well, I all but gave up until I tossed FD26 on it. I'm not sure if it's the rom itself; or the modem firmware; but I'm averaging 70%'s in reception now; without much for loss and can even load the forums in dolphin outside without a hitch. So far so good!

    One question though, since I'm on FD26 now; the stock leak; when available, I can still roll the official OTA update on here and keep my root and not have a problem right?
    04-30-2012 11:16 PM
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    One question though, since I'm on FD26 now; the stock leak; when available, I can still roll the official OTA update on here and keep my root and not have a problem right?
    No. The official update will likely be an OTA that will look for the current official build version (EL29). So your update would download but fail to install.

    It is extremely likely that sfhub will have the final build version available as an Odin One-Click, probably before the OTA is officially released. Your best best will be to manually flash the update using the exact method you used to flash FD26.
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    05-01-2012 01:04 PM
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    how's it compare to FD24? still buggy, or somewhat better?

    Nevermind, just flashed it. Still the fast scrolling issue. Otherwise, so far, so good.
    Right from sfhub on XDA

    Notification Sound Bug - Fixed
    The issue with the notification sounds going away on their own has been fixed since FD24

    Notification Light Bug - Present
    The notification light does not blink while charging, thanks someguyatx:

    Scrolling - Improved
    Before anyone asks, I tested the scrolling behavior.

    It appears improved to me, but it may still be beyond the tolerance levels for some people. It is more sensitive than GB, but less than the previous release.

    Again, everyone has different tolerances for how fast auto scroll is triggered, so your mileage may vary.

    Personally I didn't really have any problem with the behavior in the previous releases, I just adjusted my behavior to match how it behaved, but I did recognize that it behaved differently from GB.

    Confirmation from tmeader, thanks:

    Wifi - Present
    Various reports of wifi dropping out at work (more complex wifi configuration) but working fine at home (simple wifi configuration) There was a theory put forth this might be related to DHCP timeout settings. Not a lot of detail other than that.

    Bluetooth - Fixed
    Reports are that bluetooth pairing is improved also, thanks mmark27

    Audio/Video Playback - Fixed
    Reports are .wmv playback is working again, thanks kingdazy
    Reports are .flac playback works, thanks kobridge
    Villain123 was having problems with consistent .mkv playback, which appear to be resolved in FD26

    Radio - Varies
    This will be highly dependent on the signals in your area and how Sprint's towers are performing. Probably 1/3 will say it improved, 1/3 say it is the same, and 1/3 will feel it is worse. I'm joking but being serious at the same time. I would suggest you try the modem for a full day at least, testing performance at various points in the day and with different speedtest servers, before coming to a conclusion. If you can try it on weekends as well as weekdays, that would be best.

    Having said that, user Guocamole reports 1.66M/.58M with this modem, thanks for the report
    oscarthegrouch FD19 vs FD26

    GPS - Varies
    Just like Radio performance, GPS performance can be variable as there are sometimes software and hardware antennae issues at play and they aren't mutally exclusive.

    Having said that, mmark27 reports first build he was able to get GPS lock indoors.

    ##DEBUG# tool NOT using MSL - Present
    The debug tool triggered when you type ##DEBUG# in the dialer is asking for some lock code which isn't your MSL. It isn't known what code this is so effectively ##DEBUG# is unusable, which makes debugging signal problems difficult. Entering MSL results in invalid lock code message.

    MTP / USB Mass Storage - Present
    There is still no UI to switch from MTP mode to USB Mass Storage Mode. I think this is a mistake because many PCs do not support MTP or don't support it well. USB Mass Storage Mode allows your phone to show up as a USB drive when you plug it into a computer and is much better supported. Workaround and issue is covered in more detail here:

    Thanks Weltwon for pointing it out here:

    Contacts - Fixed
    FC and hanging in contacts appears to be resolved, clear contacts storage and let it sync if you restored your data and it is still FCing, thanks mmark27

    Email - FC in combined view - Fixed
    Email FC in combined view reportedly fixed, thanks jamesey

    Email - Multiple exchange accounts - Fixed
    Multiple exchange accounts reportedly works now, thanks syphex

    Visual VoiceMail - Present
    Reportedly still FCs in certain situations, thanks Weltwon

    Market/Play Store - Present
    Reportedly FCs if you download and install apps too quickly, thanks Weltwon.
    Reportedly fixed if you download the latest market/play app, thanks batting1000

    Lockscreen Weather - Present
    When you enable lockscreen weather, even though it is initially configured for fahrenheit, the screen shows celsius. When you toggle the setting, then it corrects itself - thanks JohnCorleone
    05-01-2012 01:13 PM
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    could someone tell me how to flash from fd24 on a mac and heimdall? thanks!
    05-04-2012 08:03 PM