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    Hey everyone,

    I've read a bit of the topics, and although, there is a lot of information out there. Can someone help me go back to gingerbread and update to ICS? I've seen some of qbking videos but I really do not want to brick my phone so would love some advise to, the safest method of doing this. Always appreciate the very much needed info.

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    07-22-2012 03:17 PM
  2. Dark_Knight2's Avatar
    Mobile odin FF18 tar from sfhub. No need to drop EL29 then OTA to FF18.
    07-22-2012 04:21 PM
  3. GiantJay's Avatar
    Do this to get to stock el29 first before going to any ics ROM.

    Then it depends if you want stock ics or to be rooted. The video in the next post is for the official ff18 stock release you can always go back to el29 with the above video if you don't like it.

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    07-25-2012 11:06 PM
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    Official ff18 stock no root.

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    07-25-2012 11:13 PM
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    This is if you want to be rooted with the official ff18 build. Whatever you do don't flash any ics ROM if you already on ics. Go back to el29 with the first video I posted. Anyway this is the ff18 root video.

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    07-25-2012 11:19 PM