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    Note: This is cross-posted from SXTP-Developers so please click the link and give him the hits when possible... After all, this is the person also giving us the leaks!

    Thanks go to the following:
    - sfhub for many hints on how to do this - I'm just trying to help fill in while he's away.
    - sextape for FH23 leak
    - Chainsdd for superuser/su
    - rwilco12 for advice and hosting
    - rainmotorsports, dev-host for hosting
    - AC Members for their support and hopefully feedback on these builds!
    Make sure you give them any thanks for this build - they did far more than I on this! :highfive:

    You may have heard... the zerglings fought a noble battle against the samdroids and held their own for many battles, but were finally defeated on the EL13 battleground. Starting with EL13 the zergrush exploit is plugged. Do not fear, as the zerglings have enlisted their old ally Odin to fight the next battle for them.
    This is a match of sextape's FH23 leak with only root added.
    This means it should behave completely as it is stock or released by either OTA/Kies.

    Since most people are familiar with sfhub's format I'm going to include it here.
    Again thank him for the LARGE amounts of time that he put into these posts.
    This will NOT trigger the Yellow Triangle NOR will it increment the ODIN flash count.

    This does NOT have the issue with the USB jig being disabled.

    There are two versions provided, a FULL Restore that resets your whole phone, similar to a factory restore, and a No Data Restore, which is the same, except it preserves your User Data. The NoData version is only suggested if you are upgrading or remaining at the same version.

    Instructions - (No Video Yet)

    0) Backup anything important and Disable any PINs
    This process will restore you to factory software. All your Android data will be reset.
    To be safe, it is best to archive your backup off your phone, ie on your PC or dropbox.

    Note #1: Please DISABLE any PIN code you may have created to protect your phone. As a security measure, after the flash, Android will ask you for your PIN, if you have one enabled. It is simpler to have no PIN active. If you forgot your PIN then, after the factory restore, just enter the wrong PIN a few times and it will warn you. Enter the wrong PIN again and it will reset the filesystem.

    1) Install Samsung USB/Android drivers (if necessary) [USB/Android]

    2) Download the FF18 full restore One-Click self-extractor
    SPH-D710_FH23_CL1057614_Rooted_Restore_OC.exe [Mirror1|Mirror2] (RESET user data) (md5: 63388c019efa0e5d9896e0254c3d3ea9)
    SPH-D710_FH23_CL1057614_Rooted_NODATA_OC.exe [Mirror1|Mirror2] (PRESERVE user data - do NOT use if downgrading versions) (md5: b0499d6fcc6bf0092e2ef0e1d7e01f1c)

    Mac/Linux - Install 7-zip, then use it to unpack the individual ODIN components in Reference Section B (below). If Heimdall fails flashing all 3 files together, try doing them individually. Skip the remaining instructions that are windows specific (steps 3, 4, 6).

    Android - Install ZArchiver, then use it to unpack the ODIN OneClick 7zip self-extractor file in this section (long press *-oc-sfx.exe, Open as archive, Odin-OC, select *-OneClick.exe, Extract). Use Mobile ODIN to Open File the resulting *-OneClick.exe file. Mobile ODIN issue - modem might not flash consistently. Skip the remaining instructions that are windows ODIN specific (steps 3, 4, 5, 6).

    3) Extract the package
    double-click on the self-extractor file, specify the directory to extract to (instructions assume C:\)

    4) Start ODIN One-Click
    Full: Double-click on SPH-D710_FH23_CL1057614_Rooted_Restore.exe in Odin-OC folder created.
    NoData: Double-click on SPH-D710_FH23_CL1057614_Rooted_NODATA.exe in Odin-OC folder created

    Note #1: On Vista or newer, you may need to right-click on the file and Run as Administrator.

    5) Place phone in ODIN download mode
    Method #1
    Power down phone
    Wait for capacitative button lights to turn off
    Simultaneously Press and Hold [Power] [VolDn] until confirmation screen appears
    Press [VolUp] to enter Download mode
    Method #2
    adb reboot download
    Connect USB cable to PC if not already connected
    ODIN should show yellow COM port in 2nd column
    Note #2: If you do not see a yellow COM port, you may need to run the ODIN One-Click as Administrator and/or unplug/plugin the USB cable after starting ODIN One-Click.

    6) Start ODIN flash process
    Press [Start]

    7) Complete - PASS!
    When complete you should see a screen similar to what is shown at top of post
    Phone will automatically reboot
    Status should change to green PASS!

    Boot process will be slightly longer than usual during which time you'll see the 4G logo screen.

    If you want CWM use Option D in the Auto Root Package to install FF18+CWM-agat-src (you are already rooted so Option A is not necessary). You will lose the FG31 kernel in the process.

    If you need to clear NVRAM/Sprint data login info, perform a ##72786# reset from the Dialer and enter MSL.
    Type getprop ril.MSL in adb shell or terminal to retrieve your MSL.

    For NoData install:
    - If you are getting random force closes, wipe cache/dalvik-cache
    - If you have troubles with Android Market, clear data from
    menu->applications->all->market->clear data
    - If you have troubles booting into Android, perform factory reset in ICS using the ODIN OneClick Factory Reset tool. Do NOT perform factory resets using stock recovery or privacy->reset, at least until you read about the EMMC superbrick/lockup bug and understand what the trigger points are and what you are exposing yourself to.
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    08-29-2012 07:29 AM
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    Links to reference information, notes, etc. (XDA)


    I'll be linking it to there so I only have to edit one..

    FH23 Leak (SXTP-Developers Forum)
    (FH23 Stock ROM, Modem & Kernel in ZIP are here, no mirrors allowed)
    08-29-2012 07:31 AM
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    Thanks! Don't forget to mention sextape has a flashable modem and kernel on his d-h Page.

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    08-29-2012 08:06 AM
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    Thanks! Don't forget to mention sextape has a flashable modem and kernel on his d-h Page.

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    Here's the link, I'll move into #2 shortly:
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    08-29-2012 09:04 AM
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    I used the original leak. Seemed to have extra battery drain during Web browsing. It had those sprint programs always running even if you declined them. Went back to fh13. Used el29 for a bit. Battery is same as fh13
    08-29-2012 11:48 AM
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    Running it now. I'll give it a day or two before I make my final judgment, but so far I'm still noticing a battery drain. Unplugged my phone about an hour and a half ago and I'm down to 75% with just light web browsing.
    08-29-2012 01:09 PM
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    Yes it seemed that Web browsing was eating battery faster than fh13. Sleep was fine
    08-29-2012 01:27 PM
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    And ironically enough FH28 RDF just dropped.

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    08-29-2012 03:01 PM
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    Are you kidding me? Haha well I will give them credit. They're trying.
    08-29-2012 03:16 PM
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    Oh and i noticed that some were having issues with apps. I did see that the original leak said updating 2 of 2 apps
    08-29-2012 03:36 PM
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    Seems that my phone is still experiencing massive battery drain even while sleep. I am so close to just canceling my contract with Sprint, sucking up the ETF, and buying the Nexus from Google and going to T-mobile.
    08-29-2012 04:00 PM
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    And ironically enough FH28 RDF just dropped.

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    Figures, this battery life is worse than FF18.

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    08-29-2012 08:11 PM
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    But fh13 is good
    In fact I'm editing this because i did a fresh fh13 and the battery is right there with el29
    08-29-2012 10:14 PM
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    If I install with odin, can I still add Recovery with the "auto root package" it reads for FF18?


    NVM....Figured out how to get to where I wanted.

    used Odin to get Stock rooted FH13 than flashed agat_v0.5.4 to get recovery
    09-01-2012 10:10 AM