1. Azwizzard's Avatar
    I am about to install Clockworkmod on my E4GT. After looking around and reading a bunch and watching QBKING77's youtube video I have 1 question.

    Does it work on FI27? QBKING77 says it works with FH13 and FI103, but now that FI27 is out, I want to make sure it works before I try it.

    Anyone know for sure?
    10-25-2012 12:43 PM
  2. Azwizzard's Avatar
    Just in case anyone is interested....

    It does work just fine with FI27.
    10-26-2012 05:59 PM
  3. addixfreak's Avatar
    HOW? where could i find the software link?
    11-20-2012 01:23 PM
  4. thenameisnigel's Avatar
    HOW? where could i find the software link?
    Try mines. It works great. It's on this forum, PandaROM.
    11-20-2012 02:26 PM
  5. srkmagnus's Avatar
    HOW? where could i find the software link?
    Are you looking for Clockworkmod? You can find everything you need for the stock/rooted official ICS build for our device here: http://forums.androidcentral.com/epi...-firmware.html

    There's a link to install a rooted stock ROM (ICS) which will also give you Clockworkmod Recovery. Let us know if you need further help.
    11-20-2012 11:03 PM
  6. garwynn's Avatar
    This is my personal recommendation:

    [UPDATE][KERNEL][SOURCE] FI27 AGAT_v0.6.8 with tREC_v0.2.2 11/07/12 - xda-developers

    Kernel and Recovery are both rendered safe, last built off of FI27 source.
    srkmagnus likes this.
    11-21-2012 04:24 PM

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