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    I'm gonna start off by apologizing. I've been reading forum after forum, and only seem to be able to find bits and pieces of info on how to address my issue. I'm hoping someone can help me out here step-by-step...one-stop shopping sort of way.

    Anyway, here's my situation: my wife and I both have Sprint Galaxy S2 E4GT phones and they are both flashed to Cricket. They both currently have ICS on them. My wife's unit has begun randomly restarting itself, not giving accurate battery life info, screen going haywire during start-up...just generally behaving stupidly. Maybe the battery is dying/swollen, maybe it's just a firmware issue--I can't seem to find out what might be causing it even though there are many reports on the web of people dealing with the same problems (regardless of carrier or model of GS2).

    So I'm looking at buying a new battery as well as installing JB onto my wife's phone. But I'm not precisely sure of what steps I need to follow and what software to use (and in what order) to safely and successfully get my wife's phone back in working shape. I've downloaded Odin and a root package (Pachetto Root specifically), and already have Samsung Kies installed on my PC. What do I need to do now? And one very big question is, by flashing the phone to JB and the process that entails, will the phone still be flashed to Cricket and work properly, or will I need to do further meddling to get it to work with Cricket once again? Or will I be forced to take the phone back to Cricket and pay to have them flash it to their network once again?

    Again, I apologize, as I'm sure this stuff has been covered in many different threads...I'm just getting a migraine trying to fish out all the correct info and process from the many different threads and sources. I don't wanna brick my wife's phone just because there was some step I missed along the way.
    02-23-2013 06:01 PM
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    Your phone restart issue is almost certainly the battery. Mine just started doing the same a few weeks ago... New battery took care of that and battery life it's much improved. To check your battery quickly, put it laying down on a flat surface and give it a twist... if it spins like a top, then it's swollen and needs replacement.

    As far as the cricket flash goes, that won't be affected. The cricket flash itself resides on partition that remain untouched when flashing another ROM, either by Odin or a rooted recovery like cwm. The only issue will be mms, and possibly YouTube, Pandora, or other streaming apps, although I'm sure there fixes if you look enough. I positive having a JB TouchWiz device already on cricket now (gs3) makes all this easier.

    One thing to keep in mind is that the Odin one-click JB leaks change the position sizes in your phone, so internal memory card gets wiped... Make sure to backup any important stuff.

    Wish i could be of some more help but I've never flashed a TouchWiz jb leak ... Only cm9/10 and all the other beautiful aosp roms available for our device. Let me say that setting those roms up for cricket is a little easier than TouchWiz (ICS, at least). I HAVE done a ton of reading though, and you might wanna do some more as well (not trying to offend you).

    Good luck :thumbup:

    Trolling from my Cricket-flashed Galaxy S2 E4GT using Tapatalk 2
    02-27-2013 02:24 PM
  3. Shae McKean's Avatar
    What was the result after changing out your battery? I just had my sprint Galaxy SII flashed to cricket and the phone is not reading the battery properly and shutting down at 48%. I thought about getting a new battery, but wondered if something was wrong and found your post. Did getting the new battery fix the issue?
    05-08-2013 10:38 AM

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