1. dougltc's Avatar
    I couldn't resist Sprint's $6 per month deal for the Essential phone (you pay $29 per month and get a $23 per month credit when leasing for 18 months). I picked up my Essential phone yesterday and am having Wifi problems. We have a new TP-Link Archer-C9 - AC1900 Long Range Wi-Fi Router installed. All the other devices in the house connect through the TP-Link router fine and have internet access (Android Tablet, Older Android Phone, iPad). But when I connect to the TP-Link router from the Essential phone I get a "connected - no internet" message. When I try to open up a web page in Chrome, it says "Wan Port Disconnected" -- I know that the WAN port is the "internet" ....

    I'm hoping that this is just a setting that I need to change on the Essential phone...

    Any ideas why other device can connect to the internet through the TP-Link router but the Essential phone cannot? Is there any known incompatibility with Essential phone and TP-Link routers? I need to get this sorted out if possible soon because I only have a few weeks to return the TP-Link router.

    Note - This happens on both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz hotspots...

    Thanks in advance!
    01-05-2018 11:51 AM
  2. dougltc's Avatar
    Update - one other piece of info ... I am able to use the Wifi hotspot @ my office just fine... so I know that the Wifi in the phone is working, at least in that case.
    01-05-2018 01:41 PM
  3. SactoKingsFan's Avatar
    Never had any WiFi issues but haven't tried with TP-Link.
    01-05-2018 05:22 PM
  4. Eric Walpole's Avatar
    Were you able to resolve your problem? I'm having the same issue with my Essential phone.
    02-18-2018 01:30 PM
  5. messypotamia's Avatar
    Sometimes a radio goes bad in a phone, my GS4 (had it 4 years) wifi radio is going out slowly (poor reception on wifi but cellular is still fine). But you said your PH1 connects just fine to other hotspots, so this is baffling. Please cross-test different phones / wifi to extent possible and post findings? I'm considering getting a second PH1 (I use 2 different services / SIMs here in Germany) and was getting ready to order 2nd PH1 to replace the old GS4.
    02-19-2018 05:32 AM

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