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    I've been looking for some earbuds since I got the Evo, and I decided to get something wireless. I did some searching, and found something that was pretty cool, the Samsung WEP870. CNET gave them 4 out of 5 stars and I found them on eBay for $34 shipped, so I bit on a set.

    Samsung WEP870 Headset reviews - CNET Reviews

    Cool thing about these is that it is also a Bluetooth earpiece to which the earbuds attach. Press two buttons on the side and you have a Bluetooth headset that separate from the earbuds. The headset has a clear plastic piece to circle the ear. Even better is that the charging connector for the Bluetooth headset is the same as the phone jack, and will charge the phone. Bonus for that, so that means I can charge the Bluetooth via the USB. It also means that the car charger can be used for the headset, too.

    The volume control on the headset controls the volume of the earbuds when they're plugged in, so the phone never has to come out of the pocket except to change tracks.

    Sound is pretty good, I'll demo it over the next couple days and report back.
    07-29-2010 12:03 AM