1. MAXIMUS1000's Avatar
    So I had some spare time on my hands today and decided to install this chromatics carbon fiber kit specifically cut for the Evo with the seidio 3500mah battery by phantomskinz.Installation was relatively simple and a blow dryer is used at the last step for curing properly.The texture is extremely durable with a nice rugged feel to the touch,extremely pleased with the finished product,BTW phantom skins also sell a kit for the Mugen 3200mah battery as well,there's also white carbonfiber available as well.
    10-02-2010 05:31 PM
  2. 72guy's Avatar
    The endless search for the best solution for those with the Seido 3500? The CF kit looks great! I copied your solution for the 3500 using the TPU cutout and I'm very happy with the TPU cover. It covers all corners and the only surface exposed is the back of the battery which has been covered, by some, with a protective film.

    From your pictures, it looks like there are areas on the back of the phone that are not covered? How 'bout the front? Are the front corners protected and do you feel the CF install is, overall, more protective than the TPU? Based on appearance only, the CF is definitely the way to go.

    10-04-2010 12:55 PM
  3. MAXIMUS1000's Avatar
    Hey 72guy thanks for the compliment,First id like to say that I was extremely impressed with the rugged texture and feel to this carbon fiber kit,,it was NOT some cheap stretchy kinda material so there where no airbubbles to contend with during the install...this kit covers the rear,top,bottom,and both left and right sides including full corner coverage..BUT I must underline this was done for aesthetic purposes only,72guy there's no way a TPU case can compare to protection,,I've included a picture of my customized black silicone jelly that I will use in conjunction with the CF kit installed,I was at a bar the other nite and the silicone came off to show off seeing as one of my friends clearly noticed the CF,,but that's the extent.You canNOT expect any shock protection from a drop with just having a phantomskinz on yur Evo..and for those like you and I who've made our own silicone cases and have everything protected except the rear seidio battery cover this is perfect as this will protect the rear battery cover from any scuffs or scrapes,,,,,but besides that fact I will say that I effinn LOVE the look and rugged feel to the texture..kudos to phantomskinz on an awesome way to fully change the look of this amazing device.
    10-04-2010 05:30 PM