1. IIJBII's Avatar
    I'm looking to upgrade my car stereo to the Alpine INA-W900BT. I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with the Alpine INA-W900BT and the HTC EVO using Bluetooth.

    I've searched (endlessly) and cant find anything on this. I want to make sure the unit works properly with the HTC EVO before purchasing the head unit.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Do all the BT features work with this unit and the EVO (BT Calling, phone book etc).

    Any insight into this would be appreciated.
    10-11-2010 09:16 AM
  2. RRM707's Avatar
    I know it's a different model, but I have an Alpine 9887,

    and the EVO connects perfectly.
    10-11-2010 10:06 AM
  3. IIJBII's Avatar
    I know it's a different model, but I have an Alpine 9887,

    and the EVO connects perfectly.
    Thanks - I'm assuming the Alpine INA-W900BT will work, but... want to confirm from someone who has experience with it before purchasing the head unit.

    Hopefully more EVO users will chime in.
    10-11-2010 10:12 AM
  4. djfred's Avatar
    I have the Alpine IVA-D105 with the KCE-300BT (bluetooth module).

    The BT modules from alpine are to have very limited phones in the database.
    My old BB 8350i phone was able to connect make calls receive calls and play audio from BT.

    Now that i have the EVO, It connects fine with no issues.
    *Plays Audio from BT
    *Can call with BT
    *Phonebook shows up on screen.
    *When getting a call it takes about 3 or so rings before the caller ID is presented on screen of the alpine.
    *When getting a call the audio for some reason comes through the Evo then i have to hit menu "Bluetooth On" then it gets transfered to the Alpine unit. But the Ring sound comes from the Alpine and i can see on screen who is calling but voice will not get picked up on the alpine until i hit "Bluetooth on". Not sure what this is from i have not found any setting in the EVO for this.
    10-11-2010 01:19 PM
  5. IIJBII's Avatar
    Update - I was able to get the Alpine INA-W900BT to work with my HTC EVO for Bluetooth calls, however, I haven't been able to stream anything over Bluetooth?

    Anyone have any insight into this?
    10-11-2010 08:31 PM
  6. pghevo's Avatar
    I have the evo and the alpine 900bt. Go into device or general setup and where it says bluetooth do HFP+Audio. That should fix the problem
    12-09-2010 05:06 PM
  7. jlipes's Avatar
    I have the Alpine INA-W900BT paired with my EVO and can't get it to stream audio at all. It connects for phone use perfectly, along with syncing my phonebook. I do have it in HFP+Audio mode but it still doesn't work. Has anyone else had this issue?
    12-18-2010 12:29 AM
  8. aflynnhpg's Avatar
    I had the same issue and called Alpine. The answer: Alpine INA-W900BT comes with the 250-BT module, that module only does hands free profile or hfp. You can still see the option in settings of "hfp + audio" and if you select that you will see Bluetooth audio in the source menu, but if you select it from the source menu you will get the message "no bluetooth source".
    To correct this you need the 400-BT Module (about $129). It will stream audio.
    01-05-2012 10:48 AM
  9. whiskey_digital's Avatar
    I was wondering.. have you connected an Ipod to your Alpine INA-W900BT. I am thinking of getting one but I would love to be able to connect two Ipods to it. So I was wondering if this is possible.

    I know that it can be done with certain Pioneers but I was wondering the same about the Alpine.
    03-09-2012 08:51 AM