1. majedkassis's Avatar
    I'm thinking of buying one ($11) and I want to ask anyone who's ordered one.

    Do they work well? Is the battery life much better with them?
    10-18-2010 08:18 PM
  2. Edge767's Avatar
    I got two of 'em; one for my son, and one for me. We're both charging them now. I'll report back in a day or three.
    10-18-2010 11:18 PM
  3. TXSpazz's Avatar
    I have 4 of them and like 'em. You will get considerably longer life out of them. I'd say close to 2X. They do work much better if you charge them with a stand alone charger rather than chargeing them in the phone.
    10-19-2010 05:41 AM
  4. Doc's Avatar
    I just ordered 2 of them for less than $10 each from e-bay with charger. Hope to get them in a week or so though as they are coming from Hong Kong could be a bit longer.

    Will post back when I have tried them out.

    10-19-2010 08:15 AM
  5. dcfella's Avatar
    I got mine just over a week ago. They work pretty good. I get about 50%-75% more useage as compared to the stock battery.
    10-19-2010 09:07 AM
  6. Edge767's Avatar
    Amazing so far. Here is a screen capture of my first day and a half with these batteries:

    My son and I are both now able to go for more than a day. He's a sophomore in HS and uses his phone nearly all day (when he's not in school) and he got more than 24 hours out of his after the first charge.
    10-20-2010 01:24 PM
  7. digink#AC's Avatar
    your phone was idle most of the time... i get a day easily like that too with stock battery
    10-20-2010 04:55 PM
  8. Edge767's Avatar
    your phone was idle most of the time... i get a day easily like that too with stock battery
    LOL... this screen is very misleading. Over the 35 hour period, I did sleep aroun d8 hours. The rest of the time, I was very active on the phone; moreso than normal. I think that it didn't quite capture the hour or so I played Angry Birds, the many phone calls, and all the texting and uploading of photos I did. For that matter, the timer stuck at 35 hours for about an hour.

    Anyway, if you can get 35 hours with moderate use out of your stock battery, you are lucky. I get about 12 hours out of mine with normal use. If I use the phone very sparingly, I can maybe eke out 14 hours. With this battery, I can now go more than a day.
    10-20-2010 10:13 PM
  9. SdotJ's Avatar
    I have a question for those that have the $11 eBay extended battery . I recently bought the $20 extended battery on amazon and it looks nearly identical to the one eBay is selling for less. Here's the kicker the one I ordered is saying its 2200 mah where the eBay listing has it as a 3500 mah. So the question is which is right and judging from your impressions dose it even matter?
    10-23-2010 12:21 AM
  10. chrisj_0's Avatar
    I'd start by looking at the feed back for that battery. If a lot of buyers are giving positive feedback then $10 is a good deal, or at least a good gamble.

    One thing about modern electronics is that there's only a handful of manufactures for many of the components that go into them. Things like LCD's, processors. LiOn batteries, RAM, etc... They all come out of the same handful of factories in Asia. The manufactures often produce the same or almost the same components for competing products. So I'd say it doesn't matter much where you get them (as long as they're new). The seller is probably getting them wholesale and only getting 100% markup rather then the usual 400%+

    my $.02
    10-26-2010 05:39 PM