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    Thank you for considering my question. I have been using an android for several years and I can see by this site that I still have a lot to learn. I have been just touching the surface. I have never had trouble logging in to WWF with Facebook. Up until mid September, I had a Samsung Epic 4G through Sprint. I then switched to an Alcatel phone through Cricket. The first month went very very well and I was actually getting better service than I was through Sprint! I have enjoyed great success playing WWF on my Android by logging in through Facebook. BUT, I don't know if there was an update to WWF in the middle of this month or what, but ever since, whenever I try to log in, all that happens is the little circle in the middle of the phone keeps spinning, along with the word "connecting". I have no trouble actually logging in to FB. I can use the internet. I can successfully play Candy Crush and Dice with Buddies. I have uninstalled and reinstalled WWF several times. Because it worked so well before, I am becoming obsessed with finding a way to make it work again. Please help if you can!!!!
    10-22-2013 11:44 AM
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    It's likely an issue with Words with Friends. Did you resolve the problem? If not, try contacting their support team.

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    11-29-2013 04:34 PM

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