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    So I initiated the syncing between Facebook and my Moto RAZR Maxx a year ago and never thought anything of it.

    A few weeks ago I realized that all photos I had deleted off of my phone are still appearing in the synced facebook photos. For the life of me, I cannot delete them.

    Things I have tried:
    -Unsync Facebook and my phone photos
    -Clear all cached and data from the app.
    -Looked for the "delete" button in the synced photos album that other devices seem to have on the bottom left...I do not have that.
    -Tried to delete them via the mobile and desktop facebook pages...but they do not appear there.
    -Uninstall and reinstall facebook app...photos still appear on my app's synced photos page.

    So, in short, the photos do not seem to appear anywhere but my phone...and I cannot delete them via normal methods!

    Anyone else run into this?
    02-09-2014 09:22 AM

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