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    hi, I read through some of the possible reasons and solutions to my problem on this forum for my GS4 - a Verizon branded phone switched to Tracfone. There was one idea that removing the SD card might have been the beginning of some of my problem. I have been removing the SD card so I can save my phone photos to my home computer. I never had the phone on, nor did I turn it on, until I put the card back in. I tried as much of the fixes as I could understand.

    What happened is that, after working fine for 6 months, my facebook App would go blank when I opened it, and then sometimes the phone would lock up. So I tried uninstalling and then later re installing it. That always fails at the exact same point - the download progress always stops at exactly 95%. At least the phone does not lock up at this point so I can get out of it.

    I can still do fine with facebook mobile web page. I also could not get another app to work properly that I had installed just recently. It was installed OK but it wouldn't work like it was supposed to, and when I uninstalled it, and tried reinstall, it stops at exactly 75% downloaded. I did look to see I still have 4gig of memory available of the 16 on the phone.
    01-26-2016 10:12 PM

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