1. zCirca's Avatar
    I think this started almost 2 months ago but I cannot use the emoji next to the reply box. It can be the default thumbs up or any of the new options for it. Any time I tap the reply emoji, it makes a strange error sound and sends nothing. I can send emojis manually by going to my keyboard emoji page or tapping on the 4 smiley faces. I've tried reinstalling the app numerous times, clearing the cache, clearing the data, clearing cache partition, rebooting the phone, shutting down the phone, and enabling any Facebook things I have disabled with Package Disabler Pro. It used to work fine and then after one of the updates, it just started doing this. Actually the app let me tap the quick reply emoji the other night when I noticed the theme of the app changed with their update, but it went back to not working now.

    Anyone else with the same issue? I've asked friends and they don't seem to have a problem.

    Android 5.1.1 on AT&T Note 5 with latest Messenger version (although I've tried February and November Messenger apks)
    03-09-2016 10:18 PM
  2. killerz298's Avatar
    I have had the SAME issue on my Sprint Note 5 for longer than you. One day I just noticed the thumbs up icon stopped working. Pressing it makes the button depress action but then does nothing. Holding it to make the thumb bigger does nothing. Changing the emoticon default to something else does nothing. Since the app is baked into the OS I can't completely get rid of it. I tried deleting the cache, then the data, then "uninstalling updates," then reinstalling the updates, but the problem remains. I have submitted many feedback reports to Facebook through the app but have received no response. I don't know what else I can do at this point. Is there a way to contact Facebook and actually get a response?
    04-09-2016 01:31 PM

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