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    Hello. The 4th May i got a problem in a ap on my samsong s7 phone. When i using facebook.i was fist blocked to wtrite on all public oages. Then a week later it was ok. The oroblem startet first in the easter. When i have my samsung s 5 i fix a new ohone and hope the problem was gone. It was but just for 2 weeks. Then now i'm blocked / or cant write on some public pages. If i use the app or internet on my phone i have the same problem no matter what unit i use. I have 4 samsung ohones and all of em have the problem. If i log in to my frie ds phone that have the same ohone as me. I don't have the problem. Or if i log in to a ipad or computer... i was baying me a tablet with android sustem today and it was the same.. same problem. I have try fix a new google user. Same problem. I have talked to samsung they have not a good answer...
    06-03-2017 12:59 PM

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