1. tdosthp's Avatar
    Just a cautionary here. Bought the BB platinum Series case, which appears to be a re-branded Body Glove. It does not include a holster (saleswoman said they should be getting some holsters soon) and it was VERY difficult to install. After snapping 3 corners, the 4th corner was almost impossible to snap. It is also very hard to take off... You will need a coin or key.

    I am going to return it.

    FYI, I tried 3 of these cases at the store and bought the best of the 3.

    I settled on a silicone case and the Verizon shell holster combo, but hate the pattern on the latter.

    09-12-2010 11:57 PM
  2. emptycube's Avatar
    To pry it apart use a coin in that slot at the bottom right corner. Agree about the last corner.

    I haven't compared it to anything but I just bought this case and here's my take:
    It thickens the phone quite a bit which sort of ruins one of it's features (thinness). It's significant.
    There is now a raised ridge surrounding the screen. I haven't fully formed an opinion about this yet. First impression is that I don't like it but maybe it's an acquired taste.
    Sticky sliding into/out of pocket (design feature).
    09-13-2010 07:34 PM
  3. jjcasillas15's Avatar
    I've had the cover for a bit and at first that 4th corner was a pain but after a few times putting it on and taking it off it seems to just snap on with no problem now.
    The cover does add some bulk to it but I have no problem with it. I have no worries about the protection of my phone with it on.
    10-20-2010 12:25 AM