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    After a week and a half of wait, my Realook Screen Protector finally came through the mail! Here are my personal observations about the product...

    (Link to the Amazon store)
    Amazon.com: REALOOK Verizon Samsung Fascinate Crystal Clear Premium LCD Screen Protector 2 Pack: Cell Phones & Service

    Installation is not as complicated as a ZAGG InvisibleShield but you do need to be careful in performing the install. You don't need to spray any liquid to install the protector; just take off the protective layer and put it on the screen. The adhesive of the protector seems pretty good in attaching itself to the screen but it is prone to collecting dust/fingerprints, so take your time with it! Maybe it is me or something, but there are some air bubbles that will appear after install. i've tried to take off most, but there are a few that still remain. You can reattach the protector and try again. Other users had mentioned that the bubbles should disappear after a day or two, so i'm going to wait and see about that. There's two of the protectors, so you can "afford" to make mistakes. They even provide two protectors for the camera lens on the back. How nice is that?

    The protector covers only the front of the Fascinate. It is off a few millimeters or so, but it does a good job in covering the whole surface. It even covers the softkeys, so that's great. It is quite thin, so you pretty much can't tell that it's on the phone

    It definitely has a nice, solid "feel" than the slippery and sticky feeling you get with the InvisibleShield. The colours... my goodness, the colours! It doesn't take away from the brilliance and clarity of the AMOLED screen. After nearly two weeks of having the factory-shipped screen "protector", this protector is a godsend in enjoying the phone! The finger movements doesn't seem to be a problem with the protector; no perceptible lag to me

    All in all, it is a great $10 investment to keep your screen nice and shiny for a long time. It's been only one day since i've had it, but i feel that it will do its job as advertised

    Highly recommendable!

    (Pictures of the protector will come after i can charge up my camera's battery!)
    09-24-2010 05:08 AM
  2. corduroytrees's Avatar
    Thanks for the review. Ordering now!
    09-24-2010 12:27 PM
  3. PJnc284's Avatar
    Nice. I had heard good things about them from a friend who has the Captivate but hadn't pulled the trigger yet. I like the feel and no glare of the Verizon protectors but it only covers the actual visible part of the screen instead of the whole front so I think I'll be browsing over to amazon soon.
    09-24-2010 02:07 PM
  4. PJnc284's Avatar
    Ordered the Realook SP on Friday and received it today. It's almost unnoticeable accept for the air bubbles I can't seem to get flattened out on the top corners. Really like how it covers the whole face of the phone rather than just the screen like the verizon ones.
    09-27-2010 03:01 PM
  5. heybige's Avatar
    Received my Realook SP today, and as someone who's used L-O-T-S of these things, this is as good a screen protector as I've used over the last four years. No bubbles at all. I advise anyone who's applying one to do the following:

    1) Read the instructions - these things are pretty self explanatory, but it's worth the 30 secs.

    2) If possible apply the SP in a bathroom following a hot shower (will help limit the amount of dust floating around).

    3) Lay it on top of the phone before applying, that way you can get a feel on where to start and will help limit reapplications.

    I had a Wrapsol SP previously on my Fascinate (comparable to Bodyguardz) and I like the feel of the 'hard' dry applications more than the 'flimsy' ones. They may not be as thick, but they certainly provide the 'scratch' protection you're looking for, and you can barely (if even, IMHO) tell it's there once applied. Definitely worth the $10.00.
    09-27-2010 09:09 PM
  6. photodude's Avatar
    dude.... The fascinate screen is made with Gorilla Glass.. it will not scratch unless highly abused.. Why spend the money?

    Galaxy S screen test shows off Gorilla glass durability (video)
    09-28-2010 01:21 AM
  7. PJnc284's Avatar
    Gorilla glass is nice but not totally indestructible like a lot of people falsely assume. Some have found this out the hard way
    09-28-2010 06:29 AM
  8. emptycube's Avatar
    dude.... The fascinate screen is made with Gorilla Glass.. it will not scratch unless highly abused.. Why spend the money?

    Galaxy S screen test shows off Gorilla glass durability (video)
    If not for the protection then could be for reducing fingerprints. The gorilla glass is a fingerprint magnet. I've only tried the Zagg and I got lucky and installed it perfect first time so I don't want to remove it! How is this screen protector regarding fingerprints?

    ...than the slippery and sticky feeling you get with the InvisibleShield.
    Picking nits here but it seems it's either slippery or sticky, not both. I think it's more sticky, less slippery. But I do get your point, with the Zagg you can def tell something is on there! But once I got accustomed to it it's a non-issue for me.
    09-29-2010 12:18 PM
  9. thetaylor310's Avatar
    How is this screen protector regarding fingerprints?
    It does show fingerprints quite well, but nothing a simple wipedown won't cure. i bought it more for maintaining the fidelity of the screen's colour and its lack of thickness than its effects against fingerprints
    09-29-2010 02:17 PM
  10. robocknjo1's Avatar
    dude.... The fascinate screen is made with Gorilla Glass.. it will not scratch unless highly abused.. Why spend the money?

    Galaxy S screen test shows off Gorilla glass durability (video)
    The gorilla glass is harder to break but just as easy to scratch
    09-29-2010 04:19 PM
  11. Pags's Avatar
    any pictures of this on the device? or a before/after shot?
    09-29-2010 06:32 PM
  12. thetaylor310's Avatar
    09-29-2010 10:58 PM
  13. thetaylor310's Avatar

    Normal digital cameras aren't doing these shots any justice. The colour quality of the phone shines through the protector
    09-29-2010 11:00 PM
  14. stayqued's Avatar
    Ordered a set for my girlfriend's phone as well as my own. Will post up my thoughts after I get them in.

    I would definitely recommend a screen protector after having scratched my screen up a decent amount before exchanging that one for a new facsinate. I was overconfident in Gorilla glass and definitely mistreated it though (Put in pocket with keys and headphone plug; never dropped or anything too bad), so you may be fine if you baby it.
    10-03-2010 12:41 AM
  15. Tari's Avatar
    I applied mine a few days ago, and the screen looks pretty darned solid. The camera protector is pretty nice, too.

    For the first half day or day, the sensitivity through the protector wasn't great, but it improved the more I used it. It's basically the same as if I had no protector, at this point.

    All that said, there is still a noticeable rainbow effect in certain lighting, but it's negligible if you're looking at the phone directly, and nigh impossible to see if the phone is turned on.

    Overall, pretty happy with it.
    10-07-2010 10:42 PM
  16. Pags's Avatar
    Yeah I got my set a few days ago. It's definitely the best option right now if you don't want to deal with spraying **** on your screen and fingers before hand.

    there is a weird rainbow effect that is very noticeable when the screen is off and it's reflecting light. It's like a checkered rainbow pattern. The checker squares are about an inch squared. It's not really noticeable when the screen is on though.

    It's very clear.

    Definitely a finger print magnet though. I will probably get the steinheil ultra oleophobic screen when it comes out though.
    10-08-2010 01:52 PM
  17. pheatton's Avatar
    Got mine this weekend. Great fit and goes on very simply. Love that they are like the SGP ones where you can pull it up to remvoe any dust.
    11-01-2010 11:55 AM
  18. propellerhead's Avatar
    I had this screen protector on my Fascinate. I ordered it before I could fully confirm that the Fascinate has Gorilla Glass.

    - very high quality
    - easy to apply and reapply to perfect alignment
    - even if you do get some stray dust under the application, after a few days it will smooth out. patience is key.
    - glass smooth and transparent with very little to no distortion. The only distortion appears when there are excessive fingerprints or if you had any dust under the application.

    -It's a HUGE fingerprint magnet. This is the primary reason I removed the protector.
    -There is reduced touch sensitivity. Not a lot, but enough that it affects my use.
    -The surface is not quite as smooth or friction free as the Gorilla Glass. This affects my swype usage.
    -The nature of the adhesive used allows the protector to be easily lifted, such as by running a fingernail around the groove between the glass and plastic bezel surround. This can leave a booger under the protector that will lift the protector at the edge and result in a bubble.

    My verdict: Overall, it's a great protector and for those who are paranoid about scratching the glass face, it's well worth the piece of mind for the money. For me, I was less concerned about the glass than I was annoyed by the minor issues so that's why I removed the protector.
    11-16-2010 08:26 AM