02-25-2012 07:09 PM
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  1. prometheus's Avatar
    Let's start a scavenger hunt.

    General Rules:
    1. Anyone who wants to participate is welcome.
    2. An item is selected.
    3. Hunters go look for the item anywhere (NOT on the internet)
    4. Take a picture of it with your phone
    - NO web images, nothing emailed to you, nothing in your "library".
    5. Post the picture HERE in this thread.
    6. Whoever is the first to find, photograph, and post the picture here selects the next item.

    Rules for selection:
    1. In good taste. This is an all ages game.
    2. Nothing that would involve anything illegal.
    3. No pictures of people that you don't know or don't have their consent to photograph.

    A few other guidelines to make it more fun:
    1. Make the item obscure, but not impossible.
    2. The hunter who requests the item should change the item if it hasn't been found after 24 hours. If they abandon the hunt and don't change the item - the active hunters will select someone else to pick a new item.
    3. Between postings of "found" items - post what's on your mind and visit with eachother. But keep in mind the main point of the thread is to HUNT and POST pictures.
    4. This is designed as an active game and is best played while out and running around, using the Mobile forum on your Android device.

    Not sure how to view "mobile forums"?
    1. Pull up this page on your mobile browser.
    2. Look for that little button on the very top of this page "mobile." click it.
    3. Bookmark the last page of this thread (most current) of this thread.
    4. As there are more pages added, just delete the old bookmark of the previous page and create a new bookmark ofr the next page.

    For help on how to post pictures:
    1. For the best help - search the forums for detailed instructions. I'm NOT an expert on this.
    2. Use an application specifically designed for Android and mobile posting. I prefer Photobucket (free, in market).
    3. Once the image is posted to a website cut and paste the image URL bracket by [IMG] in front of the image URL and [/IMG] after the link, with no spaces in between.
    4. If you're able to resize the pictures, please do. Don't post pictures that are humomgous. Unfortunately, Photobucket does not allow resizing on the mobile site. So, my pics aare always huge (sorry)

    And, YES. This is modeled after the Photo Scavenger Hunt on Crackberry - which I have been active in for over a year (different user name). It was started in July, 2008 and currently has over 62,000 replies (seriously) with tens of thousands of items requested, found, and posted. There .[/B]are dozens of acitve hunters and some that just pop in from time to time. That was for Blackberrys - this is for Android. Comparisons will be made. But, hey... if that model can work for a long time and have over 62,000 posts in ONE thread then the model is a good one to follow. Any suggestions are welcome. This is a community effort. I'm just starting this - I'm NOT in charge. I won't moderate this thread or police it.

    OK - let the hunt begin!!

    First item to find: An old fashioned Coca-Cola glass bottle.
    01-09-2010 03:29 PM
  2. mrwashy#AC's Avatar
    I'm in. Now i gotta find a coke bottle... Yes, this thread should probably be in General chat!
    01-10-2010 12:02 PM
  3. droidweasel's Avatar
    LOL I think we need to get a life.if I resort to this,someone just put a loser tag on me.
    01-10-2010 01:32 PM
  4. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    LOL I think we need to get a life.if I resort to this,someone just put a loser tag on me.
    Common, what else is there to do till Sunday?
    01-10-2010 02:02 PM
  5. Cory Streater's Avatar
    I like the thread, but yes it does belong in the general chat forum So who's going to post first?
    01-10-2010 02:20 PM
  6. prometheus's Avatar
    come on.... only about an hour until this item expires.

    My Droid was down to 5% battery when I plugged it in last night. It charged all night and won't turn on at all now. So, I'm hoping the plug was just loose and it is just 100% dead. Anyhow, I will be charging it for a few hours and maybe even going to Verizon store for a replacement if it is in fact fru'd.

    Being Sunday, I don't know the store's hours. So, I may not be here for a few days. Good luck hunting
    01-10-2010 02:34 PM
  7. pops.comp's Avatar
    ugh..I wish I still had my old coke bottle! I got rid of it less than two months ago..lol
    01-10-2010 03:37 PM
  8. prometheus's Avatar
    phew... it was just plugged in wrong. I thought my Droid was a goner. Charged and ready to go.

    Well, that was a less than astounding start to the hunt. Well, no coke bottles. OK...

    next item: Anything from Subway restaurant... napkin, sandwhich, a picture of the sign, a cup, anything with the Subway logo on it.
    01-10-2010 04:39 PM
  9. GivenToFly's Avatar
    DOH!! I just had Subway for dinner when I was out a little while ago!!
    01-11-2010 12:56 AM
  10. prometheus's Avatar
    Geesh..... feels like I'm pullin' teeth here. OK one last shot at this. It may be just not enough traffic on the site...

    Here goes, maybe the item was too hard. Let's do a very simple thing. How about..

    New item: A DOORKBOB

    Now, everyone has a door knob within a few feet of them so Someone click it, post it, and select the next item. If this has still not been "found" by tomorrow afternoon, then I'll take a hint and let this die.
    01-11-2010 11:27 PM
  11. YoungChrisG's Avatar
    New Item! Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide! LOL.

    01-12-2010 02:39 PM
  12. prometheus's Avatar
    Yay! OK. I'm on it.
    01-12-2010 04:18 PM
  13. prometheus's Avatar
    Here we go.... from my local Walgreens...

    Next: dental floss
    01-12-2010 04:42 PM
  14. GivenToFly's Avatar

    take your pick. Was at the grocery store when I read the next one.

    Up next: a rocking chair.
    01-12-2010 11:54 PM
  15. lpio's Avatar
    totally had that dental floss one yesterday,... I wish there was an easier way to upload/post the pictures directly (instead of inserting a URL).
    01-13-2010 05:10 PM
  16. GivenToFly's Avatar
    I just use the photobucket app, upload it, then get the link and insert it right from the phones browser. sill kind of roundabout, but it works.
    01-13-2010 10:02 PM
  17. prometheus's Avatar
    Rocking chair:

    Next: a box of cereal
    01-14-2010 10:32 AM
  18. GivenToFly's Avatar

    Next: A Blue Balloon.
    01-16-2010 10:05 PM
  19. prometheus's Avatar
    we should probably consider switching items
    01-20-2010 03:37 PM
  20. weirdkid's Avatar
    Darn I have a green one.
    01-21-2010 10:28 PM
  21. mrwashy#AC's Avatar
    blue balloon is 6 days old. Change?
    01-23-2010 10:36 AM
  22. prometheus's Avatar
    my apologies to GivenToFly. I said I wouldn't police or interfere with this thread. But, I don't want it to die. And it has been 6 days. so.... (with apologies to Fly)...

    01-23-2010 03:16 PM
  23. weirdkid's Avatar

    New item: A duffle bag
    01-23-2010 10:50 PM
  24. GivenToFly's Avatar
    No problem prometheus, I've been away on vacation, and my wife won't let me use my phone when we go away. Sorry to everyone for letting it sit.
    01-24-2010 10:34 PM
  25. prometheus's Avatar
    No problem prometheus, I've been away on vacation, and my wife won't let me use my phone when we go away. Sorry to everyone for letting it sit.
    No problemo... Gotta do the family thing. Don't ya' hate when the rest of the family doesn't recognize your "other" child (Droid)?

    I know what you mean, wife has strict policy regarding use of droid... not at dinner table, not in bedroom, can't send messages to her while I'm in the bathroom... gees, you'd think she was jealous.
    01-25-2010 12:08 PM
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