08-11-2018 03:44 PM
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  1. samurikuma's Avatar

    The next person retaliated against some one who played a prank on them.
    02-10-2011 01:14 PM
  2. highjakker's Avatar
    there's no proof of that......

    the next person has had a one night stand before.
    02-10-2011 01:22 PM
  3. samurikuma's Avatar

    The next person was a one nigjt stand.
    02-10-2011 05:27 PM
  4. PvilleComp's Avatar
    True - but only when wearing this!

    The next poster does not get this joke...
    02-10-2011 09:05 PM
  5. newandroiduser's Avatar

    The next person will get less than 6 hours of sleep tonight.
    02-10-2011 10:29 PM
  6. samurikuma's Avatar

    The next person wants a Roomba.
    02-11-2011 01:23 AM
  7. Johnly's Avatar

    The next person is 34
    02-11-2011 01:26 AM
  8. newandroiduser's Avatar

    The next person has been bitten by a dog.

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    02-11-2011 06:27 AM
  9. baberz#AC's Avatar

    The next person wanted to punch the **** out of that dog!
    02-11-2011 07:36 AM
  10. Cory Streater's Avatar
    False. I ran like hell.

    The next person would like to see a "would you rather do this or this" thread in the chat forum.
    02-11-2011 08:23 AM
  11. highjakker's Avatar

    the next person is wearing jeans.
    02-11-2011 08:44 AM
  12. samurikuma's Avatar
    No pjs.

    The next person wanted to ne a rap.star
    02-11-2011 09:12 AM
  13. baberz#AC's Avatar
    false...id rather booty shake.

    the next person would like to go to a water park.
    02-11-2011 09:40 AM
  14. highjakker's Avatar
    maybe in july.

    the next person practices their booty shake.
    02-11-2011 10:20 AM
  15. baberz#AC's Avatar
    true - gotta keep it up to date!

    the next person likes tacomac!
    02-11-2011 10:40 AM
  16. highjakker's Avatar
    never heard of it......???

    the next person must've had tacomac for lunch.
    02-11-2011 12:28 PM
  17. gdasilva16's Avatar
    false. i don't know what that is.

    next person is debating on what to have for lunch.
    02-11-2011 12:33 PM
  18. highjakker's Avatar
    false...already ate lunch almost 3 hours ago

    the next person isn't on eastern time.
    02-11-2011 01:55 PM
  19. RUSH's Avatar
    False.. it's 3:44 here in New York City.

    Next poster is going to the club later on tonight.
    02-11-2011 02:45 PM
  20. highjakker's Avatar
    nope......don't do the club scene anymore. although back in the day i did frequent the limelight in NYC

    the next person has no idea what the limelight is.
    02-11-2011 02:49 PM
  21. RUSH's Avatar
    Uh! Umm, huh? Darn I don't know.

    Next poster have never had an orgasm before.
    02-11-2011 02:56 PM
  22. highjakker's Avatar
    false.....very false. if there was a limit i'm sure i would have crossed it by now.

    the next person masturbates daily.
    02-11-2011 03:16 PM
  23. gdasilva16's Avatar

    next person just yawned. (it's contagious)
    02-11-2011 04:38 PM
  24. samurikuma's Avatar
    No I really didnt.

    The next poster will be going to work soon.
    02-11-2011 04:43 PM
  25. PvilleComp's Avatar

    The next poster will have house guests this weekend
    02-11-2011 10:24 PM
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