02-23-2012 03:58 PM
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  1. baberz#AC's Avatar
    NOPE! I don't bet my money!

    Drink enough water?
    02-07-2011 11:09 AM
  2. highjakker's Avatar
    i'm working on that.

    how many songs are on your andriod?
    02-07-2011 02:58 PM
  3. samurikuma's Avatar
    No i don't

    Did you cry when the Steelers lost.
    02-07-2011 03:00 PM
  4. highjakker's Avatar

    do you just answer whichever question suits you?
    02-07-2011 03:02 PM
  5. samurikuma's Avatar
    No we posted about same time. I gots about 300 plus songs not counting ringtones.

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop
    02-07-2011 05:55 PM
  6. baberz#AC's Avatar
    Too many...I get bored counting.

    Do you shake it like a polaroid picture?
    02-07-2011 07:18 PM
  7. PvilleComp's Avatar



    How big is Honeycomb?
    02-07-2011 08:22 PM
  8. samurikuma's Avatar
    No like a lit match.
    Honeycomb is ginourmous.

    Who put the ram in ramma lamma ding dong... Who was that man id like to shake his hand.
    02-07-2011 09:45 PM
  9. highjakker's Avatar

    what size is your left shoe?
    02-08-2011 09:57 AM
  10. samurikuma's Avatar
    Same as my right.

    Favorite part of your job.
    02-08-2011 10:51 AM
  11. highjakker's Avatar
    hanging out online most of the day....and when the occasional milf or young hottie comes in.

    what's for lunch?
    02-08-2011 11:27 AM
  12. gdasilva16's Avatar
    manicotti, rice and beans.

    what's for dessert?
    02-08-2011 01:54 PM
  13. highjakker's Avatar
    no dessert for/with lunch.

    what color is your underwear today?
    02-08-2011 02:52 PM
  14. gdasilva16's Avatar
    red... (no homo)

    is it 5pm yet?
    02-08-2011 02:56 PM
  15. highjakker's Avatar
    it will be in an hour and a half....(i was hoping a female was gonna answer that last question, sorry)

    what are you listening to right now?
    02-08-2011 03:23 PM
  16. verwon's Avatar
    The Eels

    Black ;-)

    What's your fave movie?

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    02-08-2011 03:25 PM
  17. gdasilva16's Avatar
    wall street 2

    favorite cartoon?
    02-08-2011 03:30 PM
  18. verwon's Avatar
    Haven't watched that one, yet, though it's in our que.

    Speed Racer

    Favorite color?

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    02-08-2011 03:32 PM
  19. highjakker's Avatar
    blue but now i'm liking black

    what was the last movie you watched?
    02-08-2011 03:35 PM
  20. verwon's Avatar
    I've got blue, too....but it's velvet!

    Return of the Living Dead

    Favorite song?

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    02-08-2011 03:36 PM
  21. highjakker's Avatar
    "do you right" by 311

    mmmm velvet......

    favorite band/group?
    02-08-2011 03:38 PM
  22. verwon's Avatar
    ...maybe I should issue a naughty warning?

    I make men blush!

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    02-08-2011 03:38 PM
  23. verwon's Avatar
    "do you right" by 311

    mmmm velvet......

    favorite band/group?
    The Eels, caught their Seattle concert last fall.

    Fave TV show?

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    02-08-2011 03:39 PM
  24. highjakker's Avatar
    on HBO "true blood" on network tv, i haven't found anything to replace "lost"

    favorite actor/actress?
    02-08-2011 03:43 PM
  25. verwon's Avatar
    Johnny Depp

    Captain Jack is hot!

    Favorite website?

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    02-08-2011 03:45 PM
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