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    How to create Apps without coding for free

    Steps to follow -
    1) Go to website named Appsgeyser.

    2) Register or login.

    3) There you can see a variety of apps and you can create such type of apps like messenger app,browser app,website app,crossword app and much more.

    4) You can select any one and can create an app.

    5) For example - I'm creating a messenger app.

    6) There you can change your app settings like background colour,Action bar colour,sent message colour and much more.

    7) At last Create your app name and wait for a few seconds to download apk file.You can upload it to Google play and can show ads using any Ad networks and can earn money from it.

    So this is the way to create an app without coding.
    06-13-2017 09:09 AM

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