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    Fossil Q gen 4 disconnects when my phone goes to sleep, when i open wear os app it connect s again, anything im doing wrong or what can i do? Thanks for help,
    02-17-2019 10:07 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! I moved this to the Fossil Q forum for more specific traffic. I've noticed this on my MK Access Grayson watches as well (both on H). At first I thought it might be some feature introduced with the H update to help with battery-saving, but that doesn't quite make sense, if the watch loses web connection just because the phone's asleep.

    I was trying to figure out if it happens when the watch screen goes to sleep, or if it's when the phone goes to sleep. And also if it eventually reconnects once the watch screen wakes up again. It didn't automatically reconnect after about 30 seconds when I just tested it, but then reconnected after I woke the phone -- not sure if it's because I woke the phone, or if that was incidental. I'll have to test this a bit more.
    02-18-2019 02:50 AM
  3. Onkel Per's Avatar
    Are there any power save setup on the phone?
    02-18-2019 04:30 AM
  4. kramer5150's Avatar
    when you say it "disconnects" what specifically is disconnecting? wifi connection with your router, bluetooth connection with your phone?... or your watch dis connecting with google servers (cloud icon) ?

    The first 2 should not happen. If you have it set for continual connection, the wifi and bluetooth should remain connected regardless of your phones wake/sleep status. Are you running any battery optimizer, ram manager if so turn those off

    The third one can happen from time to time, as the watch disconnects and connects at random with google servers... and the cloud icon pops up. AFAIK there's really nothing you can do about this one. WearOS continually runs in the background like this, making random connections with google.

    at least these are my observations with my ge4 4 explorist and old moto 360... both on WearOS
    02-18-2019 10:10 AM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    at least these are my observations with my ge4 4 explorist and old moto 360... both on WearOS
    Are your watches on the H update? I noticed this behavior after that update.
    02-18-2019 11:06 AM
  6. kramer5150's Avatar
    My gen4 explorist is fully updated, I just checked it last night for updates. I am not sure specifically if its on "H" though.

    I will check the moto 360 tonight when I get home from work.
    02-18-2019 01:08 PM
  7. B. Diddy's Avatar
    On the watch, go to System>About>Versions>System Version​ to see if you have H.
    02-18-2019 02:51 PM
  8. nexs's Avatar
    On the watch, go to System>About>Versions>System Version​ to see if you have H.
    Im not sure how long after phone goes in to standby mode it disconnects but i have noticed because I don’t received any notifications and when i scrow up on watchit says disconnected then i go to wear ios app on my phone and it connects right away. Thanks for all help
    02-18-2019 07:02 PM
  9. nexs's Avatar
    Im on version H im using iphone xs and im not in no battery sacer or nothing i have noticed than can cause that
    02-18-2019 07:04 PM
  10. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I just observed it again on my MK Access Grayson watch. What happens is that when the watch has been idle for a while and the screen has gone to sleep, it shows that it's disconnected (from Bluetooth and from the web) at first. I strapped the watch back on and, without waking my phone up, rechecked the watch display about a minute or so later, and noticed that it had reconnected. This could be a bug, but it might also be some standard behavior that Google included in the H update as a way to improve battery life (although, admittedly, it doesn't seem to be a great way to do that).
    02-19-2019 12:44 AM
  11. kramer5150's Avatar
    My gen 4 explorist is on H. So far this morning mine has remained connected, although I have been wearing it on wrist. I already know if I take it off and set it on the charger it will not receive notifications. Which makes sense since no one wants a watch buzzing away when its not on wrist. I think it uses the heart rate sensor, gyroscope and charging plate as a way to check if its being worn. But it definitely does remain connected to my phone via bluetooth, as long as I wear it.

    I have had it sitting on the table next to me for about 35 minutes and it still says its connected via bluetooth, and wifi dis-connected (which is how I have it intentionally set). The screen has been asleep for about 34:58 of those minutes. So at least in this short time I am not seeing a correlation between screen time out and bluetooth connectivity.

    Curious... how long do you leave it off wrist and off charger where dis-connection is observed? Is it on the order of minutes?... or hours?
    02-19-2019 09:25 AM
  12. kramer5150's Avatar
    ... After about an hour (maybe slightly more), off wrist and off charger the bluetooth disconnected. I put it back on my wrist and manually turned back on the BT connection.

    Seems like this is intentional. I am not sure if this is something new though. I NEVER leave it off wrist, off charger and powered on. I always leave mine on the charger when not on wrist.
    02-19-2019 12:31 PM
  13. nexs's Avatar
    Sometimes it only take minutes before it disconnects, atleast that what i have been noticed, other times is random it stays on for a while, because i just got the watch im always checking how it acts and thats been my only problem, its weird when it disconnects the only thing i do is open app and it connects right away,on my watch cause I don’t have the password set up when i remove it from my risk i still get notifications and vibration i guess is only when you have the password on is when you remove from risk it stop sending notifications, but thanks for your feedback maybe when it disconnects its when theres no network connection I don’t know ill keep searching cause its a nice watch and I don’t like the iwatch look thats why i got this one.
    02-19-2019 02:49 PM
  14. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I haven't timed it formally. I usually notice this if I've taken the watch off my wrist and left it somewhere for a while undisturbed, so it could be anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. I think the relatively constant motion while I'm wearing it keeps it awake, which is why it never happens on my wrist.
    02-21-2019 10:28 PM
  15. kramer5150's Avatar
    FWIW.. my moto360 since day 1 has behaved this way. Even though I completely turn off the heart rate monitor, it still illuminates the flashing green LEDs at random, for a few seconds. Too short of a duration to measure my heart rate. At first I thought it was defective. It does this just long enough to detect wrist presence. The fossil gen4 explorist does the same thing. They probably also use the gyroscope sensor as well, but that can not be seen by the user.

    If you use a thick 1 piece zulu / nato nylon or leather strap, they do it even more... trying to detect wrist presence with the heart rate sensor. But the strap interferes with the sensor reading so it continually tries. With straps like this the watch ends up thinking its not on wrist even though it is. I have since stopped using 1 piece nato/zulu straps.
    02-22-2019 09:25 AM

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