1. modiggy's Avatar
    Hi, I have 2 questions about my HTC G2 , and I hope someone can help me.

    1. Just got my phone rooted today. With the custom ROM, it's actually updated to 2.3.7 (I think), but my phone keeps asking trying to get me to install the update 2.3.4 and I don't want to b/c I'll lose my root. How do I make it stop? I've gone to the settings and looked it the updates, but there isn't an option to block or stop update reminders.

    2. I have the set CPU app, and I've done the profiles, but I was told my phone could be overclocked to 1.42, and the set CPU doesn't give me that option. Is there a better app for my phone, or can anyone tell me how to navigate set CPU to push it to the 1.42.
    11-17-2011 08:23 PM