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    I was trying to change get some settings that werent part of the stock g2x that i got just a few days ago with gingerbread, and a friend suggested i root and install cyanogenmod. I did so using the clockworkMod method successfully, but not only couldnt i get what i was looking for, but my wi-fi calling bluetooth were constantly disconnecting. I guess i read the instructions wrong, and i thought by flashing to the stock, i would just go back to how it was. so....obviously it didnt. I then reinstalled the clockwordMod figuring i could go back to the backup i made when installing, but its no longer there. i totally give up, and just want to get this thing back how it was, so i can just exchange it for a different phone, but ive searched around and cant figure out how to get it back with no backup. I really need help! I have no idea what to do from here, so i can at least make calls for now, and get it back to T-Mobile just how i got it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, im desperate!
    10-28-2011 03:36 AM