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    Hi everyone,

    I would like to share with you guys a game that until February i didn’t knew it existed and since then it conquered my heart and my devotion.

    Project CARS as the name says is a Community Assisted Racing Simulator being developed by Slightly Mad Studios the developers behind the Need for Speed: Shift and Shift 2 but without EA backing them up this time. The developers have a long history in the racing simulator world having worked on some of the most fabulous games of the past years, GTL, GTR, Need for Speed Shift Series, PGR and many more and decided that this was the time to make something that would be the game to beat in the next years in every way, visuals, gameplay and quality.

    What does Community Assisted Racing Simulator means?

    For a long time unfortunately we have been used to be in the dark when there’s a game in development, we can’t comment, give opinions or receive a feedback from the developers about our ideas and thoughts on the game until it’s too late and the game is out and then they will give no support because the publisher wants them to make another bad quality game quickly.

    With Project CARS it is different, they want you to participate, you are essential to the game development, your constructive ideas area welcomed, if you live near some important race tracks they may even ask for your help to get reference images, they care about your opinion. This is something that may seem a dream but it isn’t, the reason why is because the community is the one funding the game, we support the developers and in return they give us constant feedback about the game progress and show that our opinion matters.

    How does the funding work?

    They supply you with different options called Tool/Perks, by supporting them they will give you something in return (free copy’s of the game when it comes out, your name ingame, exclusive cars and tracks) and in the meanwhile you can play the pre-alpha which is a in development version of the game that has weekly/monthly basis builds with new content and fixes.

    What cars do they have?

    Currently they have the following cars available:

    Ariel Atom 300 Supercharged

    Ariel Atom 500 V8

    Ariel Atom Mugen

    Asano LM11 TDX – Audi R18 TDI

    Asano X4 Touring - Audi A4 DTM '11

    BAC Mono

    BMW Z4 GT3 (2012)

    BMW Procar (1981)

    Caper Monterey Stockcar - Generic 1990's NASCAR

    Caterham SP/300.R

    Caterham Seven Classic

    Caterham Superlight R500

    Formula A – Formula 1

    Formula B – Grand Prix 2

    Formula Rookie – Formula Ford

    GUMPERT Apollo S


    Lotus 49 Cosworth

    Lotus 78 Cosworth

    Lotus 98T Renault Turbo

    Pagani Huayra

    Pagani Zonda R

    Palmer Jaguar JP-LM

    Racer L4-RS - Radical SR-3

    Racer V8-RS - Radical SR-8

    SuperKart 250cc
    There are many others coming soon, but the latest cars released are the 2012 BMW Z4 GT3 and the 1981 BMW Procar!

    What about tracks ?

    European Circuits

    - Anhalt - Oschersleben

    - Azure Circuit - Monaco

    - Badenring - Hockenheim

    - Belgian Forest Circuit - Spa Francorchamps

    - Besos - Circuit de Catalunya

    - Bologna - Imola

    - Derby - Donington Park

    - Eifelwald - Nordschleife

    - Florence - Mugello

    - Heusden - Zolder

    - Loire 24 - Circuit de la Sarthe

    - Loire National - Bugatti Circuit

    - Milan - Monza

    - Moravia - Brno

    - Northampton - Silverstone

    American Circuits

    - California Raceway - Willow Springs

    - Connecticut Hill GP - Watkins Glen

    - Monterey - Laguna Seca

    - Wisconsin Raceway - Road America

    Asian Circuits

    - Jin Ding - Zhuhai

    - Sakitto - Suzuka

    Oceania Circuits

    - Bathurst - Mount Panorama

    Historic Tracks

    - Historic Badenring - Hockenheim (Pre 2002)

    - Rouen Les Essarts

    - Historic Milan - Monza (1967. GPL2.)

    Oval Tracks

    - Concord - Charlotte Motor Speedway **

    - Delaware - Dover

    - Harrison Pike Raceway - Indianapolis Speedway *

    - Henrico - Richmond

    - Memphis - Bristol

    - Volusia - Daytona ***

    Country Roads

    - California Highway

    - Azure Coast

    Fictional Tracks

    - Test Track

    Planned/Confirmed Tracks

    - Solitude Rennstrecke

    - Brands Hatch

    - Oulton Park

    - Snetterton

    - Cadwell Park

    - Ruapuna Park

    - Old Spa

    - Milan Oval

    - Macau

    In-game Kart Tracks;

    - Chesterfield

    - Glencairn

    - Summerton
    Most of these tracks are still in development thus there can be some lack of visual quality under the right conditions but its being worked on at a fast pace.

    What will it be the plan behind the game ?

    The concept they have is the following:



    FRANCHISE MODE allows you to carve out a personalized career starting in the Karting world and then progressing on to whichever motorsport specialization you prefer including Rally, Touring Cars, Open-Wheel, GT, Le Mans, and many more!

    Play CO-OP with a friend as Driver/Co-Driver

    FULL TEAM MANAGEMENT... Have a large number of friends? Create, manage, and compete together!

    Experience the excitement of PIT STOPS like you've never seen before!

    Revolutionary PIT-2-CAR RADIO gives you the strategic advantage

    DYNAMIC Time Of Day & Localized Weather make every race unique and challenging

    10+ GAME MODES covering every form of motorsport

    CLOUD-BASED SOCIAL NETWORK allows you to connect with friends, compare times & scores, compete and challenge each other, and share content

    USER-GENERATED CONTENT - Create your own liveries, decals, tuning setups, and even events! Then share them with the world - either for free, in-game credits or even real money!

    PUSHING TO THE LIMITS - Advanced physics, lighting, and AI

    PROJECT CARS is due for release on the following platforms...

    Wii U // PC // PlayStation 3 // Xbox 360
    Gameplay wise i can say the game is very good, not perfect yet due to new tire model not being implemented yet but once it is the game will become one of the best currently in the market but it is progressing at a fast pace. Multiplayer is not available yet but it is expected to be in the next 2 months if nothing goes wrong.

    Panoramic/Interactive Shots by Sagedavid:


    Project Cars: http://www.wmdportal.com/projects/cars/

    World of Mass Development Homepage: http://www.wmdportal.com

    PS: Im in no way related to the developers nor am i trying to sell anything, just sharing with other people a game i know its not very known but worth playing. I gain nothing by doing this nor i want any referall if you decide to join/support the project.
    09-14-2012 07:51 AM
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    New trailer is out, made by Halcyon a community member!

    EDIT: 3rd October
    Great news everyone, the first Multiplayer testing of Project CARS occured today and it went smooth! The developers invited some members to try with them and discussed the progress with them live through a chat meeting. There were 13 players from US, Asia and Europe all playing together on the same server and there was no visible warping or other major issue like it was expected !
    MP Test 2 will be on tomorrow @ 5pm GMT - Check the MP Videos @ the main forums and the newest trailer @ Gametrailers
    09-18-2012 07:41 PM
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    New trailer by Jonz released showing the sexy new weather effects & reflections

    10-22-2012 05:01 AM
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    Looks good
    10-22-2012 06:55 AM
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    Yeah it does

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    10-22-2012 09:03 AM
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    Big news everyone, RUF just joined Project CARS!
    Project CARS will include four of Ruf’s icnonic German sports cars, bringing both a true classic and three current RUF models to the title.

    1987 RUF CTR “Yellowbird”
    Based on the Porsche 911 3.2, the 1987 CTR „Yellowbird“ is one of Ruf’s most iconic models.

    2012 RUF CTR 3
    20 years later, Ruf continued their famous CTR range with a new model as the third-generation CTR was unveiled in Bahrain in 2007.

    2012 RUF Rt 12R
    The Rt 12R is based on Porsche’s 997 platform as Ruf once again cut no corners to create a stunning driving machine.

    2012 RUF RGT-8
    Based on the brand new Porsche 991 model, the RGT-8 will be the first Porsche 911 body car to not be powered by the traditional flat six engine.

    The developers also announced that they recently received a contact from a big German manufacturer interested in having their cars in Project CARS, the developers havnt said much more than this but the speculation is starting to rise @ the official forums !

    More info @ the official website!
    11-01-2012 04:19 PM
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    Hey there guys got some huge updates on Project CARS:

    Project CARS funding had a huge boost recently and now they are almost 150,000 from reaching the goal of 3.75Million euros! No info has been released yet of what will happen when the value is reached but theres a big chance they will close the funding and also the access to the Pre-Alpha to those that havent registered yet!

    Recently it was announced that a major German car manufacturer offered Slightly Mad Studios access to their vehicles, no info has been disclosed about who this manufacturer is but since RUF and BMW are in, it leaves us with Audi, Opel and Mercedes!

    Also the 1980 Ford Capri Zakspeed Group 5 is almost ready to be ingame, according to the developers theres a high probability of having this beast ingame this week. Check the amazing looks of this car below, even in a pre-alpha state with missing textures and ambient occlusion it already looks amazing with such refined details like the fully modeled engine!

    EDIT: 8th November

    The developers just released a preview of the wipers working on the Gumpert in a storm condition where you can see the rain drops being clean out of the windshield ! Looks amazing check it out here! (only for members)
    Another member jumped into the trailer making bandwagon and made something pretty sweet . Check out "Drive it" by plm5!

    11-06-2012 03:07 PM
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    Message from the Developers to everyone who contributed to the project.

    Dear Members and Visitors,

    Thanks to support from more than 80.000 dedicated members, Project CARS has successfully reached its funding goal of 3.75 Million Euro.

    Purchasing and upgrading of tool packs is no longer possible.

    All existing members will continue to receive the perks and benefits of their chosen tool packs as the title continues to be developed.

    Those of you who missed out on becoming members in time are invited to check wmdportal.com for the latest news on Project CARS. We`re looking forward to everyone giving Project CARS a try once it hits the shelves on 2013 and we hope to welcome you as members of future WMD projects as well.

    We wish to thank all our passionate members for making World of Mass Development such an overwhelming success and allowing us to independently fund and develop Project CARS.

    The Slightly Mad Studios Team
    UPDATE: 13th of November

    Great news everyone, Slightly Mad Studios just announced that Nicolas Hamilton (Lewis Hamilton brother) just joined the project as a handling Consultant!

    Slightly Mad Studios is delighted to announce the newest contributor to Project CARS as real-life racing driver Nicolas Hamilton has joined the studio as Handling Consultant for the new title.

    Nicolas is an excellent fit for Project CARS as his experience combines vast knowledge from racing in the real world and roots in simulation racing, allowing him to understand both sides and effectively help Project CARS fulfil its potential.

    Born in Herfordshire, England, in 1992, Nicolas was brought up in the motorsports world alongside older brother Lewis. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Nicolas has always made sure this wouldnt stop him from pursing his passion for racing.

    After a first try of karting at the age of 7, Nicolas racing career kicked into higher gear in 2010 when he impressed everyone testing a BMW M3 at Palmer Sport. His smooth driving style earned him his MSA Novice Racing License and secured him a seat in the Air Asia Renault Clio Cup where he has been competing ever since.

    Aside from making it in the real racing world, Nicolas has also made a name for himself in simulation racing, finishing first in the 2009 SBTCC Championship and racing successful in plenty of other community-organized sim racing events.

    Nicolas will be assisting the development team with making the handling in Project CARS as authentic as possible, as well as providing other general feedback.
    Hes pretty good, already set alot of records in several tracks using a different number of cars and i honestly suggest you guys try to beat his records !

    And if this wasnt amazing enough, they also announced that Ben Collins is coming back this month! Oh yeah The STIG is back !

    More info @ the official forums !
    11-11-2012 09:14 AM
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    Hi there everyone,

    Been a while since my last post and alot have happened in the meanwhile, but before heading into the good news heres a bad one, the Project CARS - 2 day opening that has been spoken to allow new members has been delayed for a while due to external circumstances.
    As soon as theres some updates on this matter be sure that i will come here and tell you guys, so be sure to subscribe this thread!

    So lets head to the good news!

    - The STIG is back from his adventures and along with Nicolas Hamilton have been helping the developers improve the physics on many cars, it is still far from finished but showing a huge progress already!
    - A new track has been added to the current available list - Emirates Raceway - Dubai Autodrome
    - The Ford GT40 MkIV has been added recently to the list
    - Wet effects added to many tracks
    - The Community liveries from the Z4 Contest have been added ingame and are now available to select
    - The M1 Procar livery contest had alot of submissions from the Community and the voting currently is underway, be sure to vote in your favorite livery!
    - Soft-stop and other steering wheel improvements have been checked in
    And much more !! (wouldnt fit in here)

    Oh and as you know, the best is usually left for last... so heres a bombshell still hot (announced just now) that any racing fan will enjoy:

    Solitude Rennstrecke - Pre-alpha export!

    That's right guys, the first export just came out a few minutes ago and it will be available soon to every Project CARS members!

    The legendary Solitude races began in 1903 with a hillclimb sprint for motorcycles starting downtown from Stuttgarts western railwaystation and finishing up at Solitude castle. A couple of years later the start was moved to Schtzenhaus in the suburb Heslach. Until 1924 this was the track for the annual hillclimb race, since 1922 also for sports and race cars. Mercedes from the beginning sent their best racing cars and drivers in every year and at BMW they decided to debut their first racing motorcycles in this already well known race. In 1925 for the first time there was a circuit race Rund um die Solitude leading over about 22 km each lap. The circuit was considered as being very demanding and was compared with the famous Targa Florio in Sicily.

    Source: www.solitude-revival.org

    And thats it for now guys, ill leave you with some media in the meanwhile!

    Project CARS - Pagani Huayra Tribute by plm5

    Community Gallery #41
    Community Gallery #42
    Community Gallery #43

    The Project CARS Community wishes everyone a great 2013 !!
    01-01-2013 03:19 PM
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    A new month has begun, so its time to check what happened so far since my last post.
    There were some big developments in the vehicle department with the addition of 4 new cars !! Yes you read it right 4 cars in less than 3 weeks!

    1991 BMW M3 E30 (<- click for more images)

    2012 BMW M3 GT
    (<- click for more images)

    2012 Ford Focus RS
    (<- click for more images)

    2011 Mercedes Benz AMG SLS
    (<- click for more images)

    These 4 have put a lot of smiles in everyone faces around here and I believe it will do the same to some of you!

    A new track has also been added, Solitude Rennstrecke, still in a very wip state but already showing how great this classic track was back in the old days when the races were done by man and machine only, no electronics there to help you out a pure driving joy to have! (pictures will come later on when its more developed)

    Besides these great news the developers also shown some early sketches of the Grid Girls to be used in the game and boy must I say they look sexy ! Unfortunately I cannot post them here because they are on the edge of forum rules but believe me they would make something move down there!

    Qualifying mode has been introduced as well, only available currently in single player mode but it gives you a taste of whats coming into the multiplayer eventually.

    The handling consultants, Nicolas Hamilton and Ben Collins have been giving some amazing feedback and as a result of that the physics recently improved largely on most of the cars but the most exciting ones to be the new Ford Focus RS, Racer L4-RS, Caterham R500/Classic and Formula A (F1).
    There were a few, of course that didnt improve as much and it still feels a bit out of place but with the constant feedback given by the consultants and the community they will surely get there soon enough!

    In the visual department there were some big updates also, new weather functionalities have been added, as some new rain droplet improvements that make you astonished of how realistic it look and react when hitting your car and windshield, you can see some pictures in the links above!

    Andy Tudor also introduced recently new UI improvements, which will improve the menu navigations greatly!

    About the 2 day opening to new members to register it seems to be taking a bit more than expected, as soon theres more info about it I will post on this thread, be sure to subscribe so you dont lose the track from sight!

    Thats all for now, as soon as more developments happen I will be sure to post here.
    02-01-2013 08:30 AM

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