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    Hi guys,

    I am having trouble deciding which assassin's creed title is better.
    I realize that the entire AC series is a hit or miss for people, I've seen people either like it or flat out not.

    I loved AC II. To this day, it's still one of my favorite games ever.
    I want to move on, but am not sure whether to go to Brotherhood or III.

    I've been on so many forums and message boards, reading people's rankings of the games. Generally, I see Brotherhood being a tiny bit better, but sometimes I see people rank III as one of their favorites or one of the worst ones.

    I enjoyed exploring parts of Italy in II, and would be happy to continue exploring Rome in Brotherhood.
    For some reason, exploring the wilderness of III doesn't appeal heavily to me, but I do see that I can explore Boston. (For some reason I like the idea of many buildings, more so than forest).

    I've read that you can't do as much on the side with III, because it's kind of directed towards a single mission.

    Any ideas?

    My decision isn't completely monetary based. Best Buy has it for $20 (half off), while Amazon has Brotherhood for $8.
    I guess I could get both, but if I had to choose one, I want to choose the best one.

    Thanks, all!
    07-26-2013 11:22 PM
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    Well three introduces a completely redesigned game engine, compared to the previous titles. It took me quite some getting used to be able to play right.

    But the new engine did simplify gameplay, and the ui is much less cluttered.

    Honestly however, I missed some of the features from the previous titles. I don't like how in three, you have to actually trade for goods and what not to make money. On top of everything else that's going on in the game, they should have just stuck with the renovate/collect scheme and added a new twist to it.

    Its harder to actually customize your character in three, as well. In the previous games, you were able to dye your clothes different colors and mix and match pieces of armor. In three, they did away with the whole armor system in general, and made it so you had to unlock new outfits, you can't even dye them.

    However, I did like the naval combat system in three, and am quite glad they are making 4 based on it. Its unique, and quite frankly I've never seen anything done like it before, in a full fledged video game.

    Brotherhood is long enough to keep you entertained for a while, plus they have the davinci questline in it, where you have to find his inventions, and destroy them (which is actually really fun).

    Overall, both games are great and its up to you to decide which one you want. However if you want my opinion, I would say to get brotherhood first, if you've never played it. Ezios story doesn't really play into Connors, but it would be good for you to see Desmond's story from brotherhood, as it actually tells quite a lot.

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    08-02-2013 03:17 PM

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