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    So my dad loves his Palm PDAs...he keeps buying m500's from eBay and uses them as a carry around with him all the time contact list, simple notes, and I think some calendaring stuff. I've always found them tedious, especially recently. That they lose everything when the battery dies is the most annoying, and lately trying to get the old ones to talk to Win7 has proven to be a pain.

    I wondered what might be out there as a "replacement" for the PDAs of olde, especially something that might have a modern syncing interface or even do it wirelessly, and I stumbled on the Samsung Galaxy Player series, specifically the 3.6" model. This seems like it might be perfect - Android with it's wifi cloud syncing and probably small enough to fit in a pocket (I need to go to Best Buy and check one out).

    I'm wondering if this is a valid idea, or if there's something else out there that I might be able to push him to? I actually wonder how he'd like the touchscreen, I could see him preferring a stylus. And I've honestly been disappointed in modern smartphones (including BlackBerries) as far as how they compare to the PDA software of the old Palms. And he really would have no need for the multimedia capabilities that the Players seem geared for. Is there any chance these things would be upgraded at least to ICS? Are they hackable? Heh, is there even a PDA-geared ROM out there? Any other thoughts or advice? Thanks!
    10-02-2012 03:56 PM

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