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    Whenever i keep my wifi on for sometime and keep my mobile aside ,i doesn't connect to internet as soon as I again pick it up. Though it shows that it is connected but i have to switch wifi of my mobile off and them turn it on again. There is probably no issue with my internet connection or router because my tablet and laptop doesn't show similar problem that use the very same wifi signals for accessing internet.
    Secondly,lets say i went out of home along with my mobile into an area where i don't get the wifi signals of my router and then came back,while wifi was on, mobile would not connect itself even after ten to fifteen minutes. I don't know whether there is any particular time interval for every mobile to scan for wifi but i guess it must be not more than two to three mins once you don't have signals.
    Please tell me ,is it a hardware issue or software issue and how to fix it. Would be grateful .

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    02-19-2013 09:04 AM

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