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    I have just this week purchased an MK809 android HDMI TV stick as I wanted to be able to watch the catch up channels and watch movie's on the TV without feeling dependable on my Samsung S3 or having to plug my laptop in via a monitor cable.

    It has been really straight forward, in that I plugged it in and it basically looks like a giant tablet on screen. I am receiving a HD quality picture when streaming movies via my partners laptop and browsing the internet etc.

    It is a bit slow at times, like a clunky feel and this is down to not having the firmware installed available via the MK809 website. I have tried to upgrade it but on a 3 times I have tried it begins then fails (shows an android with his chest spinning giving you the impression that its upgrading, to an android lying flat on his black with a red exclamation mark.

    I am at the point from reading around on various websites that I need superuser rights and need to root my device before being able to go any further. I am hoping this will also help with saving apps to the minisd card and movies that I am downloading being able to identify the sd card properly as at the moment they fail saying that there is no space (keeping in mind I have put a 32gb minisd in today which is new)

    I understand that I need to do something with the root and become a superuser, I know that I have to upgrade the firmware, however I haven't got a clue what to do or where to begin. I was hoping someone might be able to help me. All I have at the moment is this:

    Guide - [MK809][K9][ROOT] How to Root Step-by-Step | VonDroid

    Which appears really straight forward, to the person that wrote it but I don't understand what an android SDK is or where to get a platform-tools directory so the rest goes completely over my head.

    Thank you to anyone who could give me some direction!
    07-27-2013 03:17 PM

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