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    Just an idea I had, hope there isn't a similar topic already. Searched for it and nothing showed up... Anyway! I myself love to draw a lot, not just in my sketchbooks or on the computer, but also on my phone, hence why I got a Note. I figured it might be an idea to make a topic about it here, hoping others also like to share their creations. Just want to set a few rules though to keep things fair.

    - Only drawings created on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets or anything between.
    - Stylus pens are of course allowed, hell, even Wacom tablets if you can get them to work with your device, but only if you tell me how you did it.
    - Any OS is allowed except for non-mobile versions of Windows, OS X or Linux.
    - Any drawing app is allowed, free or paid for.
    - It's not a contest, so respect each other, and keep it friendly.

    Rules may change if needed.

    Android Sketching Topic!-android_sketching_topic.jpg
    11-18-2013 08:26 PM

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