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    In the past I have always been looking for ways to upgrade my phone, but this time I am looking for a smaller device, and power/performance are not that important. I have an Android tablet now that I use instead of my phone for email and web.

    The phone must have Android O/S, be wifi capable, and I would prefer a smaller form factor, say a 3.5 - 4" screen. All I really require (beyond phone functions of course) is one that I can access my calendar, and install a few simple apps. My tablet is a Samsung, I can live with their interface, but my current phone is a Nexus, and I am perfectly happy with the stock android that came with it. I have not had great luck in the past with used phones, so would prefer suggestions for new.
    Considering the Moto G, but that is at the high end of what I would like to spend.

    My carrier is T-mobile, so need GSM.

    Any suggestions?
    12-18-2013 11:36 AM

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