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    Hi there.

    This is my first post here! :-)

    This question needs some basic information or a little clarification:

    I have a central point in my shiny newly constructed house in where all my electronics is kept (And it is not in my living room).
    We decided that we where so damn tired of looking at all those boxes (PS3, HTPC, Receivers and so forth), all the remotes and/or keyboards that followed and all that space it consumed (big closeth underneath every TV in the house) so we wanted to centralise destribution of picture and sound.

    I have SONOS equipment at my central tech closet and in-ceiling installed loud speakers in most of the rooms except for the gaming room/home theatre room where I have surround sound.
    I have a HDBaseT matrix switch for distributing HDMI signals around the house. In this way all my video outputting equipment is also placed in that same closeth.
    I uses an open source product called openHAB to automate/integrate between all the devices so that I have just one point of control.
    For example if I chooses "livingroom"->"Video" and then chooses "Mediacenter" as device (atm. it is a XBMC windows 7 powered machine), then the openHAB system is configured as this:

    Switch ports on the HDBaseT matrix so that input port 2 is outputtet on output port 4.

    Stream Line-in on SONOS Connect:AMP (The mediacenter headphones out is connected to the line-in on this box) 1 to SONOS Connect:AMP 3 (The loud speakers in the ceiling in the living room is wired to this AMP).

    Sent wake-up signal to XBMC via the JSON-RPC web interface.

    Now I can control XBMC via the openHAB app (Up, Down, Left, Right, Select, Back, Play, Stop, Home, etc.).

    If I chooses my WDTV live box from openHAB, the same happens above just for the WDTV Live box instead.

    This solution is working very very well except for one annoying thing: I do not have regular tv signal (cable, satelite or antenna) but instead I have accounts for several different streaming services and web tv (Netflix, ViaPlay (Viasat), TV2 Play (Danish only TV supplier), DR NU (Danish national Broadcasting services)). My challenge here is that XBMC only has working plugins for DR NU and the rest needs to be played through a webbrowser (Flash or Silverligth). I have a hard time finding the right solution for making this simple and to be able to control all this from the openHAB application.
    Then the solution came to me as clear as light: Android based mediacenter! All of the above offers android Apps...!
    I have had a look on the MiniX NEO X7. But my challenge is that I have a hard time to find a way to integrate the openHAB solution to the Android device so that I via almost any regular protocol or service can control Up, Down, Left, Right, Mouse Click (Or select), Back, Home, Start, Stop etc. That could be: Bluetooth, RS-232, TCP/UDP, http/https, telnet, ssh, jdbc, ..., .., . I mean, just pick one of these protocols and I almost certainly could have that working. I know that you can get an AirMouse or similar but the idea or point of using the openHAB server is kinda blown.

    Do any of you know of any App for the Android device, which offers one of those interfaces? I have had a look on AirDroid which I think I might could get a success with by reverse engineering the https commands with chrome developer console. But it would be nice if there was a much better solution ot there?
    01-24-2014 04:16 AM

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