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    Hi all,
    I have had a Samsung Duo S7562 for some time now. It works pretty well and I'm able to do quite a lot of things.
    But, for example, even after installing 3 different apps from Play Store to supposedly remove contacts from the SIMs and the phone itself (in fact I just want to see the google contacts), I can't seem to remove these contacts... I don't know whether the failure of these apps is to do with the fact of having 2 SIMs... I have tried switching on with just one SIM installed and trying it ... no joy.

    There are other things I want to do: back up the phone and then try rooting it for example. But I'm sort of terrified to try any of this stuff without being in touch with one or two people who may at least possibly know what's going on if I have any hitches.

    The trouble is I can't find a forum for this phone... there supposedly was one at androidforums.com... but the page has gone!

    So for a start, has anyone got any idea about removing contacts from the SIMs and the phone in such a way that they don't automatically keep coming back? I've tried "Duplicate Contacts" "Contact Remover" and "SIM Manager"

    04-28-2014 11:35 AM

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