1. Fabrizio Tricamo's Avatar
    Hello, I recently purchased a BML E615 right to get closer to the world androidiano, I also asked for root permissions but with negative results ...
    coming to the point, wanting to raise the considerable pre-installed app, I do not make them uninstall, and also I can not connect it to the PC as it asks me for drivers who have not been able to find ... Now I ask you, if possible, how to solve these problems ... uninstall the app useful and do not identify the phone to the PC.
    These data cell:
    Android OS 4.2.2
    CPU SC6820
    256MB ROM
    RAM 512
    Extend the paper support TF card up to 16GB Screen
    Display Size 4.0 "
    kernel version
    Hardware Version 1.1.0
    software Version
    Model Number E15 (on the phone to "info on the phone")

    I remember being new to this world androidiano, I have no idea where to start so I ask you the step by step explanations THANK YOU.
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    05-07-2014 01:00 AM
  2. Fabrizio Tricamo's Avatar
    there is no way to recover root privileges for this phone ... too many apps installed too slow all the phone ... help ... if possible .. thanks
    05-11-2014 04:12 PM

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