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    Wanted to get some input here. Have both the galaxy Note 2 and the thunderbolt with the note 2 being the one active. They use the 2 different size sim cards. I'm wondering what would happen if I put my old larger sim card back in the thunderbolt. Also what happened since to my note. I have ordered a sim card adapter and hope that will work as I will be able to just put my sim from the note 2 in the thunderbolt with the adapter.

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    01-20-2013 05:41 PM
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    I have the same setup, Note 2 replaced my Thunderbolt (still have as a backup though). If you try to use the old SIM in the Thunderbolt, it won't work because it gets deactivated in Verizon's system and is rendered useless when the Note 2 was activated. The Note 2's SIM is now the only active one for that line, so you'll need the SIM card adapter to use it in the Thunderbolt to get service. You could try to carefully insert the Note 2's SIM in the Thunderbolt without an adapter, but it's difficult to make sure the contacts are properly lined up, so it's best to stick with using an adapter.
    01-20-2013 07:42 PM
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    I did the same thing. I have an iPhone 5 as well and I ordered a sim card adapter kit for $1.08 off Amazon

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    01-20-2013 07:44 PM
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    Check this out on AMZN:

    LE Microsim Adapter for Ipad Iphone4g Convert Micro Sim to Regular Sim Adapter

    That's the one I got. My concern is making sure it doesn't get stuck inside the thunderbolt.

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    01-20-2013 08:01 PM
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    01-20-2013 08:31 PM

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